1880 U. S. Census for Ford County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Village of Spearville in the County of Ford, State of Kansas
Street Main Street, Date: 30 June 1880   Enumerator: G. W. Potter   SD: 2   ED: 380 Page: 594D Publication: T9 Roll: 381


Transcribed by Janis Dawson

DW#   FM#   Name Sex  Race Age Mo/Born   Relation   MSWD  Profession  Birthplace        Father BP     Mother BP
*182 182 Shuman, Ruben M W 45     M Landlord PA PA PA
    Kellogg, Josiah M W 27   Boarder M Grocer MA MA MA
                  Kate F W 20   Wife M Boarding NY Saxony Saxony
                  Cecil M W 11mo July Son     KS MA NY
    Potter, George M W 27   Boarder S County Clerk NY NY NY
    Kinkade, Andrew M W 23   Boarder S Station Agent NY NY NY
    Freeman, Edward M W 25   Boarder S School Teacher Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Nova Scotia
    Leed, Charles M W 19   Boarder S Student in Telegraphy WI PA NY
    VanVoorhis, Jerome M W 31   Boarder S Lumber Merchant PA PA PA
    VanVoorhis, Newton M W 25   Boarder S Druggist PA PA PA
    Feid, Adelbert M W 35   Boarder M Telegrapher IL PA NY
             Allice F W 23   Wife M   WI Unk PA
             Irene F W 3   Dau     WI IL WI
             Edson M W 1   Son     WI IL WI
    Rousch, Lillie F W 14   Hired Girl S Cook WI Germany Germany
    Shuman, Mary F W 43   Wife M House Keeper PA PA PA
                  Anna F W 18   Dau     PA PA PA
                  Laura F W 14   Dau     PA PA PA
183 183 VanVoorhis, Rebecca F W 52     S Keeping House PA PA PA
184 184 Bowman, James M W 40     M Hotel Keeper Holland Holland Holland
                   Polina F W 24   Wife M Land Lady Preslan Preslan Preslan
185 185 Johnston, William M W 50     M Farmer NY    
                    Mary F W 46   Wife M Keep House IL MA CT
                    Addah F W 17   Dau S   IL NY IL
                    Edward M W 11   Son     IL NY IL
                    Arthur M W 8   Son     IL NY IL
                    Martha F W 5   Dau     IL NY IL
186 186 Smith, Henry M W 51     M Farmer PA MA MA
              Nesta F W 31   Wife M Keep House NY NY NY
              Eugene M W 13   Son   At Home NY PA NY
              Clifford M W 7   Son     NY PA NY
    Savage, Sarah F W 53   M-Law W At Home NY NY NY
187 187 Stafford, James M W 52     M Foreman Railroad VT VT VA
                  Sarah F W 42   Wife M Keep House IN PA NJ
                  Adison M W 25   Son S Laborer IN VT IN
                  Laura F W 18   Dau S At Home IN VT IN
                  Nellie F W 11   Dau     OH VT IN
    Avery, Lettie F W 65   M-Law W At Home NJ NJ NJ
    Wellfell, Joseph M W 56   Boarder W Day Laborer Germany Germany Germany
188 188 Mudgett, Irving M W 31     M Farmer Germany Germany  
                   Millie F W 32   Wife M School Teacher WI NY NY
                   Clarence M W 8   Son     NY NY WI
                  Earnest M W 6   Son     NY NY WI

  * Summit Hotel

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