1910 U. S. Census for Ford County, Kansas

Name of incorporated place: Bucklin Township Name of Incorporated Place: Bucklin City    
Date: April 18, 1910   Enumerator: John Kenney?   SD: 7   ED: 45 Sheet:   Page: 123B Publication: T624 Roll: 439

Note: This page is very hard to read.

Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel

DW#   FM#   Name Relation   Sex   Race   Age     MSWD  Mar  Child  Birthplace         Birthplace            Birthplace     Immi   Nat  Eng?  Profession      Industry       
39 40 Patterson, Charles E. Son M W 24? S Kansas Penn Ohio Y Engineer ??
                 Delmar S. Dau F W 10 S Kansas Penn Ohio Y None
40 41 Grayson, James R. Head M W 58 M 15 Virginia Virginia Virginia Y Real Estate Dealer
               Susan Wife F W 43 M2 15 4/2 Illinois Ohio Ohio Y None
Bolinger, Mable Gr-Dau F W 6 Kansas Illinois Missouri None
41 42 Patterson, James I. Head M W 33 M1 11 Ohio Penn Ohio Y Laborer Odd Jobs
                Effie B. Wife F W 32 M1 11 2/1 Kansas Penn Indiana Y None
                Benjamin S.? Son M W 4 S Kansas Ohio Kansas None
42 43 Gosalee?, John H. Head M W 69 M1 46 Ohio United States United States Y Insurance
                Mary J. Wife F W 66 M1 46 3/2 Ohio Virginia Virginia Y None
43 44 Ellis, Joel H. Head M W 48 M1 15 Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Y Agent Standard Oil
        Carrie? C. Wife F W 36 M1 15 2/2 Indiana Indiana Indiana Y None
        Sula? O.? Dau F W 13 S Kansas Kentucky Indiana Y None
        Marjory? A. Dau F W 4 S Kansas Kentucky Indiana None
Wimberly, Cirro? Hand M W 22 S Kansas Illinois Missouri Y Teamster Oil Wagon
44 45 Birney, Alberton J. Head M W 24 M1 0 Texas Texas Texas Y Telegraph Operator C. R. D.& P. R.R.
            Pearl T. Wife F W 18 M1 0 0/0 Indiana Indiana Indiana Y None
46 Ayers, Roland F.? Head M W 28 M1 3 New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey Y Fireman C. R. D.& P. R.R.
           Bessie E.? Wife F W 26 M1 3 2/2 Kansas Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Y None
           Guy W. Son M W 1 7/12  S Kansas New Jersey Kansas None
           Roland W. Son M W 2/12 S Kansas New Jersey Kansas None
45 47 Daughtry, Albert Head M W 47 M24 Missouri Iowa United States Y Conductor C. R. D.& P. R.R.
                Elizabeth Wife F W 42 M24 5/3 Massachusetts England Scotland Y None
                Mildred Dau F W 15 S Wyoming Missouri Massachusetts Y None
46 48 Jennings, Casper D. Head M W 29 M1 2 Iowa Indiana Iowa Y Grain Dealer Elevator
               Fannie Wife F W 25 M1 2 1/1 Missouri Kentucky Kentucky Y None
               Elma? F. Dau F W 11/12 S Kansas Iowa Missouri None
47 49 Nease, Mattie M. Head F W 45 Wd 7/5 Ohio Ohio Ohio Y Music Teacher
            Sign? C. Son M W 24 S Missouri Indiana Ohio Y Clerk Real Estate Office
            Shelly A. Son M W 19 S Missouri Indiana Ohio Y Confectioner Own Store
            Stiles? C. Son M W 16 S Missouri Indiana Ohio Y None
            Carl A. Son M W 15 S Missouri Indiana Ohio Y None
48 50 Moore, George Head M W 80 M2 36 England England England 1871 N Y Retired Own Income
            Margaret Wife F W 69 M2 36 6/2 New York Ireland Ireland Y None
49 51 Evans, Rhoda A. Head F W 77 Wd 4/2 West Virginia Ireland Ireland Y None
           David B. Son M W 42 S Missouri Kentucky West Virginia Y Land Agent
50 52 Pritchard, William W. Head M W 70 M1 40 Tennessee North Carolina Virginia Y Physician
                Fannie Wife M W 58 M1 40 0/0 Canada Canada Ohio Y None
                Ruth Adopted Dau F W 6 S Kansas United States Missouri None
Rowlett, Amy Servant F W 22 S Missouri United States United States Y Servant
51 53 Hoans?, Asbury H. Head M W 55 M1 32 Iowa Indiana Indiana Y None
              Rhoda I. Wife F W 56 M1 32 5/4 Iowa Pennsylvania Kentucky Y None
              William A. Son M W 20 S Missouri Iowa Iowa Y Clerk Grocery
52 54 Isoms?, Emilie J. Head F W 41 Wd 2/2 Germany Germany Germany 1874 Y None
             Garl? J. Son M W 12 S Kansas Indiana Germany Y None
             Weis? Z. Dau F W 10 S Kansas Indiana Germany Y None
53 55 Hens??hy, Eljas? Head M W 30 M1 7 Penn Penn Penn Y Dairy ???
                Clara L.? Wife F W 30 M1 7 2/1 Penn Penn Penn Y None
                Cecil C. Son M W 3 S Kansas Penn Penn None
54 56 Kirkpatrick, Walter H. Head M W 28 M1 1 Kansas United States United States Y Physician

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