Danish Emmigration

The following database was taken from the Copenhagen police records of people emigrating from Denmark to Dodge City between 1887 and 1907.  The date is that of the emigrant's registration, not necessarily the day he/she sailed, although it was usually with five days of departure.  This is by no means a list of all Danes who came to Ford County.  Some may have listed their destination as such places as Chicago or New York and later came to Ford County.  Danish characters in the surnames have been changed to corresponding letters in the English alphabet, so that the entries can be found through the search engine.  There is one Swede on this list, who evidently left for the US from Copenhagen.

Submitted by
Sheryl McClure on April 13, 2004.


NameAge RegistrationResidence Name of Ship
Andersen, Martin Emil 32 5/16/1907 Arnum, Hojrup Hellig Olav
Andersen, Inger D.28 5/16/1907 Arnum, Hojrup Hellig Olav
Andersen, Gudrun 1 5/16/1907 Arnum, Hojrup Hellig Olav
Paalsson, Elof 193/10/1887 Sweden  
Pedersen, Jens16 11/16/1901 Horsens, Aarhus  
Petersen, Jorgen 45 4/19/1904 Horsens, Aarhus  
Petersen, Maren44 4/19/1904 Horsens, Aarhus  
Petersen, Peter Ditlev 15 4/19/1904 Horsens,  Aarhus 
Petersen, Marie K. 11 4/19/1904 Horsens, Aarhus 
Petersen, Henrik Svend10 4/19/1904 Horsens, Aarhus  
Petersen, Bodil K. 8 4/19/1904 Horsens, Aarhus  
Petersen, Sigvald Y.4 4/19/1904 Horsens,Aarhus  
Rasmussen, Ole46 3/29/1887 Alstrup  
Rasmussen, Ane Sophie47 3/29/1887 Alstrup  
Rasmussen, Johanne 24 3/29/1887 Alstrup  
Rasmussen, Jorgen F.18 3/29/1887 Alstrup  
Rasmussen, Rasmus Peder 11 3/29/1887 Alstrup  
Rasmussen, Johannes10 3/29/1887 Alstrup  
Rasmussen, Caroline 8 3/29/1887 Alstrup  
Rasmussen, Carl4 3/29/1887 Alstrup  
Rasmussen, Louise3 3/29/1887 Alstrup  

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