Bucklin Journal, March 16, 1889


MARRIED - At the residence of the bride's parents, four miles southeast of this city, on last Sunday after noon, the 10th. inst., Mr. James E. Fishback and Miss Rosa A. Coons, Rev. W. H. Rose, of Greensburg, officiating.

The contracting parties have resided in this vicinity for a considerable time and are among our most highly respected citizens.

Mr. Fishback came from Barren county, Kentucky, in 1884, and settled in Sumner county, in this state.  After a short residence in that place he removed to Finney county, where he proved up a preemption and a homestead claim.  Early in 1887 he located in this county.  About June 1st he cast in his fortunes with the new town of Bucklin which has just been started.  Shortly afterward he was appointed postmaster by president Cleveland, and he still holds that honorable position.

Miss Coons was born in Jasper county, Indiana.  In March, 1887, she removed to Kansas with her father's family and settled on the claim where the family still resides.  She is a teacher by profession and has been prominently identified with school work, both in Indiana and in this state.

The marriage ceremony was performed at the bride's residence after which the bridal party and invited guests drove to St. Charles Hotel in this city, where a sumptuous supper was served by mine host, G. A. W. Boedecker, which proved Mrs. Boedecker to be an expert in the culinary art.

The groom wore an elegant suit of conventional black.

The bride was dressed in Old Gold Tricot, with front draperies, bodice rimmed in Cream Oriental lace, breast knots of White Tea Roses.

A number of useful and elegant presents were received as is shown by the following list:

Napkins, Mrs. R. F. Scoffern.
Bed-spread, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Howell and G. F. Trager.
Tidy, Miss Ellsworth Apperson.
Silver butter knife and sugar spoon, E. O. Clark and Miss Belle Gosslee.
Set knives and forks, Wm. Lawter and Fred Perry.
Set silver knives and forks, W. E. Apperson.
Silver pickle castor, Gus K. Henrick, with Nave and McCord Mercantile Company.

The following invited guests were present:

R. F. Scoffern and wife.
E. S. Howell and wife.
G. W. Fredendall and wife.
Daniel Fisher and wife.
Sam Coons and Miss Ida Work.
G. F. Trager and Miss Eva Coons.
Joe Ellis and Miss Carrie Coons.
E. L. Coen and Miss Belle Prichard.
E. O. Clark, and Miss Belle Gosslee.
R. T. Roby and Miss Ella Culver.
W. E. Apperson and Miss Jennie Dellinger.
Wm. Dellinger and Miss Ellsworth Apperson.
Col. Banning and Wm. Lawter.
Fred Perry and Morton Henkle.

After an evening pleasantly spent in social amusements, the guests took their departure, wishing the bride and groom the long lives of prosperity and happiness they so richly deserve.


Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 8, 2005.

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