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Bucklin Times-Ensign, November 3, 1892


Three Desperadoes enter our Neighboring City and Ride away with $1,800.00


Cashier Baird's Brave Resistance, But Forced to Give up the Money, By a Blow From a Daring Outlaw's "Forty Five."


One of the most daring robberies of modern times, was perpetrated at Spearville, twenty eight miles north of this place Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.  We give you the account as we heard it.

"At about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, when the streets were almost deserted - occasioned by the bad weather - three men on horseback rode to the outskirts of town and dismounted.  Two of the men walked into town and the third followed with the horses.  The two men went directly to the bank, when they stepped up to Cashier Baird at the counter and asked him the rate for loans.  Before the Cashier could reply the other robber overtook him with a pistol.

The Cashier immediately dropped down behind the counter where his two pistols lay and got them in his hands, but before he could rise one of the outlaws jumped over the wicket and wrested the pistols from his grasp.  The other outlaw in the meantime gently reminded Mr. Baird with a six shooter in close contact with his head, that he wanted to borrow all the money in the bank, and that the interest would be (com) pounded out of him, if he did not open the vault, and emphasized it by tapping him on the cranium.  Mr. Baird saw, that in order to save his life, he would have to take their promissory note, and as business was urgent he helped them put the money in their sack and accompanied them to the door when they bade him good day.

About this time some of the people began to "catch on" and a couple of men made their way to a wagon belonging to a party of hunters and procured a couple of rifles and rushed out on main street, where they waited for the outlaws to get a little father away before they would try their marksmanship.  While they were standing there trembling with - cold of course - Mr. J. M. Leidigh came along, and hearing of the trouble, took one of the rifles, mounted a horse which stood near by and started in hot pursuit.  He gained rapidly on the robbers, when they wheeled their horses and began firing.  Mr. Leidigh stood his ground until his ammunition was exhausted, and the robbers resumed their journey.  He then turned his horse homeward after no other men had courage to follow.

About this time a posse of brave men, with spy glasses in hand had mounted the highest pinnacle of the Summit House and watched the Bold Highwaymen ride leisurely out of the country.

Word was received at this place about 3 o'clock and our little city was immediately thrown into high excitement, as the message read:  "Bank plundered!  Robbers headed your way."

It was wonderful to see that activity in our city.  John Walters took a piece of chalk and wrote a sign on his livery barn which read:  "No bank here."

Al Clark and a posse of men crawled up in the hay loft, while our local painter was busy painting spots on Al's white opines to make the robbers think that they had the "small pox."  Lawrence got his crutch and cane, for he knew them fellers wouldn't hurt a cripple.  Frank Trager took down his cornet, got out in front of his store and played "keep in the middle of the road" until after 10 o'clock.  Cy Kettering borrowed all the shot guns and 22 revolvers in town and fortified himself in the red blacksmith shop.  As darkness approached, fear got the best of the people and everybody went to bed in their cellars.

But time, you know, will pass, and as the clock sounded midnight, the air became more free, and the heavy eyed ones began to come forth from their cellars and seek their downy beds.

Just as the city was wrapped in the arms of Morpheus, the spell was broken.

A terrible wailing and moaning broke the stillness of the night.  Three shots rang out upon the air.  The city was in the hands of - Cy Kettering.  He had waited, lo! these many hours, and as the eyes become drowsy, visions of men, bristling with fierceness, seemed to approach him, and as his trusty shotgun was at hand, bang! bang!! and three dogs were numbered with the dead.  When morning broke upon the scene, the three little doggies lay out in the street, with their pathetic tear stained faces turned skyward, while Cyrus stood crying, I am conqueror of them all.

A committee has been appointed to dig Al Clark out of the hay, while a delegation had started east to find Frank Longcor.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 8, 2005.



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