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Bucklin Herald, December 30, 1887


List of letters remaining uncalled for in the Post Office at Bucklin, Ford county, Kansas, on December (appears to be s5th), 1887:

Atwood, H. L.
Argabright, Chas. (2)
Brown, Geo. N.
Brown, W. E.
Brozer, James M.
Berkeybill, John H.
Cormelly, James
Corey, Will
Fair, C. A.
Fishback, Wm.
Frazier, Mrs. Millie J.
Iven, E. T.
Lanham, J. R.
McCallock, W. G.
Prather, M. R.
Pearce, E. J.
Pizott, J. E.
Rice, W. H. (2)
Reeves, Bertha
Saringer, Jacob
Terrell, Charles (2)
Trichey, Mrs. Edward
Tarbet, A. J.
Warritt, W. P.
Williforn, Miss Dollie
Yeamans, Sherman
Zerrx, Alexander

Parties calling for the above named letters will please say advertised.

J. E. Fishback, P. M.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 7, 2005.


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