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* Paper faded, difficult to read.

Buckland Standard,
October 6, 1887


List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Bucklin uncalled for and if not called for within 30 days, will be sent to dead letter office.

Austin, John M.
Astcraft, Marion
Alsot, F.
Campbell, Callie F.
Clark, Lee C.
Dickerson, James
Dewoes, B. J.
Grady, Reuben
Holmes, Leoindas
Hammer, T. F.
Hammer, Frank
Hite, Albert B.
Hanson, Luella
Kline, M. H.
McFerrin, John B.
Morris, Wm. H.
Oldham, Henry
Plgott, J. E.
Reecher, Hattie Miss.
Robinson, Henry M.
Rutherford, Thomas Q.
Shirley, H_rain
Shoe, Harry
Shepard, G. F.
Nehmeyer, Frederick E. (registered)

Persons calling for these will please say "advertised."
J. E. Fishback, P. M.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 7, 2005.


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