Gillespie Murder

Bucklin Banner, June 7, 1901

At 1 o'clock Tuesday morning two men who were going from Denver to eastern Kansas to work were taken from a box car in the yards here by two desperate tramps who proclaimed themselves Santa Fe detectives, and undertook to conduct the Denver men to some place where they would not be detected in crime.  The men believing that they were to be robbed made a run for safety, when the tramps began shooting.  One of the men, named Gillespie, received the first shot in his back, the ball passing through his lungs and coming out in front.  After he fell his murderers took his money amounting to 60 cents and a silver watch worth about a $1.50.  Mr. Gillespie died after daylight, but was able to pick out one of his murderers, we understand, from a large number of tramps who were brought before him.  His body was embalmed by order of his mother and will be shipped to Denver.  The dead man's friend reached Kinsley and was detained and brought back here to be used as a witness.  This is probably the most coldblooded crime ever committed here.  Sheriff Hale will bring a man from Hutchinson Thursday night who is believed to be one of the murdererd.

Submitted by Cindy Koegel on January 4, 2003.

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