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Bucklin Herald, December 9, 1887

Organization of a G. A. R. Post.

To J. H. Seward Dep. Com. of the G. A. R. for Kansas.  We the undersigned old soldiers of Bucklin, Ford county, Kansas, desire to organize a Post at Bucklin.  Please order same to be mustered and it is our wish that C. W. Averill be sent to muster us:

John H. Dillinger
C. G. Bell
Wm. Swaeringin
J. W. Goslee
Abrom S. Dempsey
Abraham Cook
Stephen Calkin
Chas. S. Culver
Henry Sellett
T. J. Bray
A. J. Hubbard
John T. Everett

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 7, 2005.


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