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Bucklin Herald, December 9, 1887

Our Public School.

The Bucklin Public School began November 7, 1887, and the following are the names on the roll:

Lena Boedecker
Willie Boedecker
George Boedecker
Russel Brown
Oscar Beckner
Lamott Buttolph
Celia Buttolph
Stella Clark
Maggie Culver
Lillie Culver
Clyde Culver
Willie Fearing
Alta Fearing
Albert Fearing
Rose fearing
May Fearing
Clyde Frazier
Comelia Frazier
Raymond Frazier
Katie Hunter
Johnie Hunter
Viola Matthews
Charles Matthews
Alice O'Leary
Nancy O'Leary
Johnie O'Leary
Ethal O'Leary
George O'Leary
Millie Sieber
Otto Johnson

Those perfect in attendance are:
Lena Boedecker
Russel Brown
Alta Fearing
Nancy O'Leary
Ethal O'Leary

Anna Bradshaw, Teacher.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 7, 2005.


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