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Bucklin Banner,  August 9, 1901


Frank J. Barnes and Joseph Davis were convicted of murder in the first degree upon the charge of killing and robbing Silas Gillespie in the Santa Fe yards here on the morning of June 4, and were sentenced by Judge Madison last Monday night to be hanged, which means life imprisonment.  Herbert Lanham, the Kansas City youth, who told the bums at Hutchinson that he had done the killing, proved an alibi and was acquitted, though he succeeded by his idle boast of being a bad man in running up a very expensive bill for the county to pay.  He struck a bee line home for mamma.  Barns and Davis will go to Lansing Thursday night.


Miss Maggie Trebilcock and mother drove to booming Bucklin Monday.

Asa Cobb, four miles south of Ford, is lying dangerously ill with heart trouble.  It is a very serious case.

Our Ford boys are named Dennis on the land drawing.  Have Meador hooked but we have not learned whether he took off the fish or not.

Miss Campbell, daughter of Robert Campbell, had a pleasant birthday party Thursday evening of last week.  Another "sweet sixteen" bloom.

Wallace Trebilcock was called to Dodge City Monday by telegram on business connected with a new trial basis in the Gillespie murder case.

John Imel came from Edmond's college, Oklahoma, Monday, to visit his parents and friends for a short time.  His little girl accompanied him.

A number of Ford gentlemen were up to Dodge City last week attending the Gillespie murder trial; M. L. Sweeney being one of the jury - foreman on deliberation - who signed the verdict of guilty for Barnes and Davis and set Lanham free.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 10, 1901.


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