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Queries January - December 2000

Adams, Barker, Beebe, Berry, Boswell, Bowker, Brandon, Bryant, Butler, Cain, Cammarn, Carter, Chadd, CooperCozens, Davis, Degarmo, Detwiler, Dickson, Fischer, Gariss, Gilchrist, Gray, Grimes, Guess, Hand, Hart, Hawkins, Hewitt, Huffman, Jennings, Kelman, Lee, Long, McCandless, Mullen, Noller, Palmer, Parton, Perry, Shubert, Smith, Stanley, Stimatze


Joan Norton Mullen swanlady@kscable.com Wed. Jan. 5, 2000

Pierce Sylvester MULLEN b. 4 May 1862, probably in Illinois, married Ladocia CHADD b. 9 February 1866 in Humeston, Iowa., parents of Don Loyd MULLEN b. 3 Sept 1887, Earl L. MULLEN b. December 1891 and Elsie Olive MULLEN b. 1898.  All children were born in Stafford County, Kansas.  This family lived near Seward.  I would like any information or suggestions to where I might find information.

NEW ADDITION: Fri., January 14, 2000

At one time they farmed 4 1/2 miles NW of Seward.  The birthplaces of their children are confusing, as my information states Stafford County, possibly at different time they resided in both counties, Stafford and Seward.  Searching MULLEN families in both areas.


Robert Cammarn Acammarn@aol.com Fri., January 7, 2000

Robert D. CAMMARN, born 7-6-69, St. Johns, Kansas to Danny D. CAMMARN and Virginia N. GARIGAN-CAMMARN.


Carolyn Whitaker ATSISSIE@aol.com Tue., February 8, 2000

I am looking for descendants of Lewis Howard GRAY and Louvenia GRAY, some of whom lived in Stafford County, Kansas.  Please contact me and visit my website


David Stimatze EZTAMITS1@aol.com Sat., February 26, 2000

Walter STIMATZE was married to Sara STANLEY of unknown location and date.  They had three boys; Clyde Walter STIMATZE, born 17 October 1911, died November 1969; John Brownie STIMATZE, born 27 October 1885, died February 1969; and Phillip STIMATZE, born 17 October 1911, died November 1969.  Phillip married Goldie ? and had four children; Walter STIMATZE, born 27 May 1904, Vernon STIMATZE, Lawrence STIMATZE, and Cheever or Thever STIMATZE.  Clyde married Jennie May DEGARMO, born 4 November 1888, died 5 January 1982.  They had seven children; Carrol James, Orban Clyde, Leo Asberry, Truman Boyce, Ruby Mae, Opal Maxine, and Lois Marie.  I have been able to find some stuff on her and their kids.  John married Jennie Roena BOWKER, born 18 December 1888 in Caddo, Oklahoma and they had six kids; Wanneta, Conway, Roy, Charles Addison, Melvin, and Roena.  The info that I do have shows that all of the STIMATZES were born in Stafford County and some of them had died there also.  I would appreciate any help.


Jack Thompson thompson.jack@worldnet.att.net Sat., March 4, 2000

Looking for John R. HAWKINS, Ellen D. (GILCHRIST) HAWKINS, C. F. HAWKINS, Stells (SMITH) Hawkins, and Frank Earl HAWKINS in Stafford County 1880 - 1920.  Any help would be appreciated.


Louise Ross weezee@internetcds.com Thurs., March 16, 2000

Looking for a link.  William Wilson PARTON came to Stafford County in 1888.  He lived with John FOWLER of Radium.  He came on the Orphan Train.  Is there any information about him at that point?  Looking for the Orphanage he came from.


Olga Ramirez allikeen@netzero.net Tues., March 21, 2000

I am searching for any information on the FISCHER Family, particularly on Karl Friedrich FISCHER, born 1831 in Germany and died February 11, 1890 in Stafford County, Kansas.


Don Detwiler dondetwiler@hotmail.com Fri., April 21, 2000
Seeking information on George Marion DETWILER, wife Catherine Ann and family who came to Stafford County in 1878 and homesteaded.  They stayed only a few years before moving on to Pawnee County.  There were seven children.


Melissa Redman763@webtv.net Thurs., May 18, 2000
I am looking for information on my great great grandfather, John Lewis CARTER, Birth ?, Death ?.  He married an Eva S. GRIMES.  She died in 1907 in Macksville.  They had a daughter Jessie Mable CARTER.  She was born Nov 15, 1884 in Macksville and she died in 1939 in Hutchinson.  I would like any information possible.


Gwen Hipp-Anton mcweed@elkhart.com Tues., May 23, 2000
My ancestors came from Stafford County.  The town formerly known as Leesburg as well as the Cemetery that is there, was built from land donated by my great grandparents John H. and Georgianna LEE.  Their son James was the first grave at the cemetery.  I have lots of information, if anyone could use it.


Kathy Davis mail137668@pop.net Fri., July 21, 2000

Mannery BUTLER is listed on the 1880 Stafford County census with wife Melvina and daughters Emma and Mary.  Orsamus PALMER, age 67 was with them.  I am looking for the death date and burial location for Orsamus PALMER, my great grandfather.    


Virgel Cain vrcjr@aol.com Tues., July 25, 2000
My great grandfather, William CAIN was married in Macksville, Stafford County, Kansas to Anna Abigail BRANDON on 21 April 1888 and lived in and around the Macksville, Kansas area until about 1900.  They in that time period had 5 or 6 children.  My grandfather Fred Austin CAIN was one of their children and he was born 16 February 1891 in Macksville.  Their children were:Mary Edith CAIN, born 21 December 1888, Macksville, Kansas
Lulu or Lula Charlotte CAIN, born 7 April 1893 listed Stafford, Kansas (however I think that is Stafford County and probably Macksville like all of the other children)
Grace Eunice Cain, born 19 August 1896, Macksville, Kansas
Fred Austin Cain, born 16 February 1891, Macksville, Kansas
They later had three other children that were born starting in February 1900 in Blaine County, Oklahoma.  Any help would be appreciated.


Timothy Meyer TTMeyer@webtv.net Sat., July 29, 2000
Looking for descendants or relatives of a Mrs. Eliza A. LONG, lived in Macksville, Stafford County.  I know she was there from 1883 to 1890.  Her daughter was married to George W. BEEBE, my great grandfather.  Seeking info on daughters name and any children from this marriage.


Betty Cozens bcozens@cybermesa.com Tue., August 8, 2000
Am searching for the Dickson family in Stafford County, Kansas.  About all the information I have is that Alice May DICKSON was born Dec 4, 1885 in Stafford, Kansas.  I believe her parents were James W. DICKSON/Mattie HAND, COZENS, DICKSON.  Please email me if there is any information.


Terri Foster Terriperry@aol.com Wed., August 9, 2000
My great grandparents, Robert John PERRY and Mary Ann PERRY (maiden name KELMAN) came from London, England to Stafford, Kansas in April 1885.  They had four children while there, Edith PERRY, Louis PERRY, Frank PERRY, and Sidney PERRY (my grandfather).  They left Stafford for Colorado in about 1900.  They must have had some family that sponsored them there, does this ring a bell with anyone? 



John Ferris jferris@neworld.net Fri., September 1, 2000
I am researching the following in Stafford County, Kansas.  Any help would be appreciated.  James Henry BOSWELL m. Sarah Ann SHUBERT, son Rolla BOSWELL was b. in Stafford County.  John T. DAVIS, SR. m. Emma GUESS in Stafford County.  He applied for a permit to conduct a school in the mid 1890's.  


April Staring aprilstaring@hotmail.com Mon., October 23, 2000
Searching for any info on William E. and Nettie ROGERS HEWITT who were living in St. John, Stafford County in the 1880's.  They came to Kansas from Orleans County, New York.  William was a farmer in NYS, so I'm assuming he was in Kansas also. They were still living in St. John in 1887.



Bill Berry billberry2@juno.com Thurs., November 9, 2000
Searching for information about Mary Elizabeth BERRY, born about 1850.  Her husband was Martin L. BERRY and they were married in Indiana in 1872.
Their daughter was Hester Jane BERRY (known as Jenny).  When Martin died in 1880, Mary Elizabeth and Hester Jane (mother and daughter) moved to
Kansas.  Hester Jane was the second wife of George R. COOPER, and they lived in Macksville, Stafford County, Kansas.  George R. and Hester Jane
BERRY COOPER are buried in the cemetery at St. John in Stafford County, Kansas. 
I have information about Hester Jane, but not much about her mother, Mary Elizabeth BERRY.  I'm wondering if she remarried in Kansas, and if she
had other children.


Hazel Goodson famhistbug@qwest.net Mon., November 10, 2000
I would like to put a query about Elizabeth Catherine HART.  According to her death certificate she was born 10 March 1849 in Newton County, Missouri and that her father was Jacob HART and he was born in Missouri.  Her mother was born in Missouri, name unknown.  The information was given by her son, George HUFFMAN.  Elizabeth died 17 May 1916 in Clear Creek township, Stafford County, Kansas.  She married Alonzo HUFFMAN on 17 Dec 1871 in Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas.  They homesteaded in Stafford County, Kansas.  They were the parents of 8 daughters and 1 son.  I have been unable to find her on the 1850, 1860, or 1870 census records.  I wonder if there might be an obituary in one of the newspapers in the Stafford or Pratt County area.  I would like to find her parents.  The family has said that she was an orphan and Indian.  Would like to prove this.


? Disherron@aol.com Mon., November 12, 2000
Would like any information on the Arthur GARISS family.  Lived on a farm outside St. John, Stafford County, Kansas in the 1920's and 1930's.


David Jennings Berkebile pberkebile@earthlink.net Mon., November 13, 2000
My mother Leda JENNINGS was born to Merkel Joseph JENNINGS and mother Alice Gertrude NOLLER, born Jan 11, 1913.  She had two sisters Elva and Evelyn and they lived in Macksville, Kansas.  My great grandparents were William JENNINGS who  married Annis DEVILBISS.  I would appreciate any information.

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