Rose Valley Cemetery
Rose Valley Township, Stafford County, Kansas

Partial listing transcribed and submitted by Jessie McCandless Baker on November 25, 2000 and current death listings by Ken Carlin.

Name Birth Date Death Date Other Information
Garner, Ethan Logan 3-21-1929 1-17-2003
Goodman, R. Walter 1871 1954
Goodman, Maude 1876 1948
McCandless, W. A. 1866 1952
McCandless, Lulu M. 1868 1947
McCandless, George H. 1830 1886 Civil War Veteran
McCandless, Eliza Ruth 1830 1916
McCandless, Emma L.  1860 1949
McCandless, Homer H. 1890 1983 War Veteran
McCandless, Ada Rowden 1889 1988
McCandless, John C. 1859 1959
McCandless, Elizabeth P. 1863 1946
Young, Charles Laveen 8-16-1922 3-02-2004  
Young, Florence      
Young, Florence Gail (Cunningham) 6-20-1925 7-8-2002

Explanation:  Again, only a partial listing.  George and Eliza came to Stafford County from Cass County, Missouri.  W. A., (William) John, and Emma (who never married) were their children.  Homer was William and Lulu's son. 

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