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Graduating Classes of Stafford High School



Albright, Chauncie Boyd, Bertha Boyd, C. Arthur
Brown, Will E. Burnside, Mary Crawford, Lucy M.
Gill, Warren Inches, John Littlefield, Mae
Sims, Nellie    


  Cox, Miriam  

Beard, Roy Boehme, Millicent Downing, Jacquetta
Edwards, Mabel G. Horn, Clyde Littlefield, Clare
Littlefield, F. Leslie Peacock, Ray Sandifer, Mamie

Caplinger, Ethel Cronk, Ethel Floto, Elbert
Gordon, John McCoy, John Shaw, Jessie
Smiley, W. Arthur Stoeckle, Pearl  



Almond, Graham Boyd, Ernest E. DeBusk, Minnie
Horn, Mamie Jimison, Brunetta LaRue, Verna
Maxfield, Nellie McCaw, Maude Riegel, Mabel
Roby, Frank Scott, Helen Wesley, John Bliss


Cline, Archie Hillabold, Ruth Mathies, Ethel
Mershon, Will Metzger, Mildred Moddrell, Leila
Newell, Mada Ramsay, R. Lee Sandifer, W. Fowler
Stoeckle, Jeanette Wallace, Anna Wallace, Edna
Wilkinson, Edith    


Akers, L. Hazel Caplinger, Georgia Downing, Valeda
Gurney, Florence Hastings, Adelia Roby, Ralph
Soice, Anna    


Roby, Cleora   Tubbs, Irl I.


Catton, Eunice Horn, Cyril Milton, Inza
Milton, Ruth Peacock, Chester Rippey, Ada
Wesley, Grace    


Bond, Nettie Brownlee, Earl Crawford, Vivian
Hagenmaster, Marie Henderson, Mary Hering, Mabelle
Magill, Chester Maupin, Emma Milton, Pearl
Patton, Esther Reid, Dorothy Riegel, Geralda
Sims, Josie Woodburn, Florence  



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