Welcome To Stafford County, Kansas

Stafford Republican
July 22, 1886
Henry Inman, Editor

Neighborhood Notes
Fairview Township

We have had melons; how is that early enough?

Dock McVey and wife - a boy.  Came to these parts Thursday night.

Our broom corn is not a good stand;  I presume the seed was not good.

Grandma Bartlett is on the sick list.  She was ironing and got very hot, falling senseless to the floor.  She was taken to bed by her husband Elijah, but was so excited he could not recollect how he managed to get her there.  She is now better at this writing.

Grandma Ingerson, a mother of Mrs. J. C. Marshall and Mrs. T. B. Gaston, has been very sick, not expected to live since July 3rd, but is better now.  The old lady had the best of treatment; Dr. M. M. Lottridge, attending physician.  The doctor has just returned from Topeka where he attended the medical board.

C. W. Tipton and family, of Hutchinson, are visiting friends in this neighborhood.  Tipton's son-in-law, a Mr. Bennett was with them.  he has been out west selling territory for a new pump; he has sold this county, and farmers should see this new patent before putting down a pump.  I saw this pump work and it is the only thing of the kind that I have see that I like.     T. B. Gaston



Typed by Cindy Koegel, courtesy of Stafford County Museum.

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