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Stafford Republican
July 15, 1886
Henry Inman, Editor

News About Home

Stafford requires more school room at onece.

Mann, the Barber, has a new hand in his shop.

Mr. T. O. Williams is in the city this week.

The "Great Rock Island" will run through Stafford.

There has been considerable move in real estate this week.

It is said that "Bob" Blair will open a Drug Store in Cassoday.

If it is so confoudedly hot now, gentle readers, winter is coming.

Stafford will have a population of two thousand in less than a year.

Payne & Bousman have a new Real Estate sign.  It is very neat.

Another Republican at Charley Bristol's - would vote this Fall, if he could.

"Bob" Blair has left Stafford for Cassoday, where we understand he will start paper.

Mr. F. Larabee, of New York, is visiting his brother the President of the "Farmer's Bank."

Mr. J. D. Brayton, of Nebraska has been employed as prescription clerk in Empey's new Drug Store.

Large and Spirited meetings have been held in the township north of Stafford, in favor of the D. M. & A.

Gore & Munger announce that their brick kiln will be open Monday July 19th, 1886.  For orders of sale.

The passenger train should not be permitted to block the street-crossing everyday for more than half an hour.

Messrs. John Clyne and Guernsey are attending the Democratic Congressman Convention in Larned this week.

The old office of the St. John Lumber Co., has been purchased by Nat German and moved to his lot on Boston Street.

The foundations for several fine residences have been commenced this week - notably that of "Uncle Jesse Vickers."

Mr. G. F. Tucker, Dentist, will be at the Brownell House on the 21st inst., and remain one week.

The new fence around Banker Cox's residence has a neat appearence, and is a decided improvement over the old wire.

Mr. A. S. Forker agent of the well known firm of McPike & Fox, wholesale druggists of Atchison, is in the city this week.

Ellinwood Express:  Just as we go to press we learn that the Supreme Court has reversed Judge Clark's decision in the case State of Kansas vs. W. E. Carr.  All justices concurring.

The sidewalk in front of the old Stafford House has been lowered to grade.  This is as it should be.  Now Mr. Jehu's many customers can reach his store without going up a small mountain.

Dr. H. F. Bulow will be absent on a trip for his health, for fifteen or twenty days.  During his absence Dr. LaRue will have charge of his practice.

The arrival of the mail-bag is an object of particular interest in a busy little city like Stafford, indeed it is the great connecting chain linking us with the wide world of thought and action.  We shall soon have our daily, on the cars, and it is too bad we do not have it now.

A stranger said to us the other day, after visiting St. John, and all the little villages on both sides of Stafford.  "When the D. M. & A. is completed to Stafford and turns north from there, with your bountiful supply of fertile country contiguous; lacking  in the would-be towns that hope to be rivals - Stafford will become a great town."

Mr. Bossler, whose daughter was killed by lightning last week, has been particularly unfortunate since his advent in this region.  We understand that his house was at one time destroyed by fire, then again by a tornado, and now on the heels of the two, comes the greatest of all afflictions - the loss of his daughter.

Our friends of the press have noticed the advent of the Republican in the handsomest manner.  Nearly every paper in the state, and many beyond it, have complimented us in a manner which we are almost afraid we do not deserve.  However, we must allow them to be the judges, for all the notices come from the best conducted paper.  We return our best thanks to our friends, and assure them that we prize their good opinions beyond all price.  We have made it a rule of our journalistic life never to copy a notice relative to a paper we publish, but propose to let it stand on its own merits.  What we have received however, in this particular, would occupy more than two columns.

The changes which will have taken place within the next six months in Stafford will be very striking.  Old localities will have put on new faces, familiar buildings, like the familiar faces which once issued from their doors will be gone, and new ones stand in their stead.  This process of change has only fairly commenced, and by next harvest Stafford will be hardly recognized by old acquaintances.  This will be the result of the railroad enterprises into which our city has entered.  They will ultimately, if their benefits are entered into heartily by our people, build up here a great flourishing town, in whose prosperity the whole south and west portions of the State will have an interest.  St. John - the temporary county seat - and the little villages either side of us, have had their day, and can no longer be considered rivals.  These are facts and a few months ??? ??? ??? (page is torn) of the assertion.\

A complete line of Patent Medicines at T. B. Rowland & Co.'s.

Mr. J. J. Finney of Kentucky, an old friend of Dr. Hayden, is visiting in Stafford.

Rev. H. E. Fleming will not preach at Eureka on Sabbath morning as he wished to be with Rev. t. J. Ferril, at Stafford.

Prescriptions a specialty at T. B. Rowland & Co.'s.

The brick kilns will be opened for use early next week, and then the building boom will be inaugurated in good earnest.

Toilet soaps of all kinds at T. B. Rowland & Co.'s.

W. Z. Nutting, Cha's Bahney, and "Uncle" Frank Ward, will return to their respective claims in the far western counties in a few days.

The place to buy fine drugs is at T. B. Rowland & Co.'s.

Notice the challenge of our Base Ball Club in another column.  Exchanges in the district included in the territory, please publish.

Fine line of Combs and Brushes at T. B. Rowland & Co.'s.

Mr. Brown of Hutchinson, is visiting L. B. White, the Jeweler this week, and assisting in the rush of business that has fallen to the new store.

Rev. T. J. Ferril will preach at the Methodist Church next Sunday at 11 o'clock a. m., and evening, if able.  All are cordially invited to attend.

Joe Salmon says he did not try to sell any land while in Hutchinson and any man that says he offered? "section 38" lies, for he hasn't that section on his books.

If you want anything in the Drug lin? go to T. B. Rowland & Co.'s.

J. Vickers & Son's have laid the foundation for a harness shop, carriage shop, and paint shop - fourteen by sixty next to their large barn.  "Uncle Jesse" is the boss on building up the town.

The best Nickel Cigar in the city at T. B. Rowland & Co.'s.

The Windsor is the popular hotel of Topeka, and Lan T. Mathis, the obliging clerk has hosts of friends in the Great Arkansas Valley, who always are sure of the best when Mathis is at the desk.

For Pure Drugs, go to T. B. Rowland & Co.'s.

The city jail is about completed and will soon be ready for occupancy; let us hoe, however, that for the good name of our sober and industrious town, visits by recalcitrants, may be like those of Angels - few and far between.

We were talking of immortality the other evening on the Grand Central Porch, and a certain person asked another present, if he believed in the appearance of spirits?  No, was the reply, but I believe in their disappearance for I missed a bottle of whiskey out of my satchel this morning.

Two daughters of "Uncle Jesse Vickers" are visiting their old home - one from the eastern part of the state and the other from Iowa.  The whole family are together again - making a pleasant reunion for the "old folks."  One of the daughters will locate here.

The Stafford Base Ball Club, through this medium, return their thanks to Cha's A. Conklin Esq., the great exponent and manipulator of celestial dynamics, and Hon. Ralph M. Easly, the palestric of journalism, for innumerable courtesies on the day of the celebrated game between the rival towns.





Typed by Cindy Koegel, courtesy of Stafford County Museum.

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