Welcome To Stafford County, Kansas

Stafford County Republican
July 8, 1886
W. H. Webb, Publisher


Quite a number of our citizens went to Hutchinson Monday.

Mr. R. Van Lehn and James M. Miller, of Neola was in this city last Tuesday.

Fresh fish every Thursday and Friday, at the Citizens Meat Market.

Dr. Bulow brought in some splendid specimens of potatoes and turnips this week.

The Rock Island is sure to come to Stafford, Mr. Frank Cox is one of the directors.

Messrs. Nutting, Bahney, and "Uncle Frank Ward" have returned from their western trip.

Mr. Guernsey of the Democrat has a brother from Pennsylvania visiting him this week.

Our Mr. Stubbs and Col. Inman are attending the convention at Topeka this week.

Ted Halveson has commenced an addition of thirty feet to his store, Tracy & Gish builders.  Mr. Turner will occupy the room.

Our base ball club go to Hutchinson Saturday to play the Hutchinson club for fifty dollars a side.

All summer goods at reduced prices at M. A. Oliver's Millinery Store, East side south Main street.

The new sign of the Farmer's Bank of Block Letters is the work of Mr. Kingsley, and one of the prettiest jobs in town.

All the ladies of Henry Hopkins Relief Corps are requested to be present at the next regular meeting, Saturday, July 10.

Mr. Shank, of Fair & Shank Lumber & Grain Co. came down from Sterling Tuesday.  He says that "things sure are quite lively on the branch.

The new building owned by F. McCullam & Co. lumber dealers, was blown from the foundation, but little or no damage was done to the building.

The St. John & Marsh company are building a large and commodius office at their lumber yard on Boston street.  Their yard will be enclosed with a high board fence.

All summer goods at reduced prices at M. A. Oliver's Millinery Store, East side south Main street.

Hon. W. C. Webb, Judge of the Superior Court of Shawnee county, and one of the ablest jurists in the state, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Geo. L. Walker.

Pursuant to the call the Prohibitionists held their congressional convention at Sterling July 1st.  Mr. W. B. Mayer, of McPherson was nominated as candidate for congress.                        A. Delegate

Payne & Bousman sold to day, to Mr. J M. Ledgerwood, of Nickerson, the R. J. Loderback lot on the corner of south Main & Camden street where Mr. Ledgerwood will erect a commodious business house at once.

Robert Holden and wife, of Springville N. Y., are stopping at the Grand Central.  Mr. Holden has been for some time connected with the Rock Island corps of engineers and is now taking a vacation of a few weeks.  He will return with them very soon.

Burton L. Wall, son of R. A. R. Wall, of Fairview Township, and brother-in-law of our fellow townsman, Geo. W. Bousman, is visiting friends and relatives here.  Mr. Wall lives in Pueblo, Colorado, and expresses himself as highly pleased with our county and town in particular, and will no doubt locate here in the very near future.

During the wind and rain storm which passed over this place Wednesday. P. M. the new frame house owned by C. C. Higgins which was under the process of construction was badly demolished.  It was picked up bodily and carried about fifteen feet to the west, the wing part was torn from the upright and turned partly around.  the whole building was twisted badly out of shape and will have to be torn down before any thing further can be done with it.  Loss estimated at fifty dollars.

We find the following in the Star (Conway Springs) under the head, D. M. & A. officer.  It says: Among those who are located here or have visited the town recently, are Mr. S. H. Mallory, president of the Mallory & Fitzgerald construction company; President J. J. Burns, Mr. Meeker, book-keeper and cashier; J. W. Spafford, superintendent of works; Mr. Kip, resident engineer; Mr. Butler, material agend, and Mr. McMahan, foreman of iron gang.  One and all are pleasant, social gentleman, full of business and energy.


Typed by Cindy Koegel, courtesy of Stafford County Museum.

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