Welcome To Stafford County, Kansas

Stafford Republican
July 15, 1886
Henry Inman, Editor

Still They Come

Mr. Amasa Watkins and wife, late of Pennsylvania, arrived in this city a few days since.  Mr. Watkins is a thorough business man having disposed of his business interest in the old Keystone State, where he has been engaged in trade for many years.

He has sought the locality of his son-in-law, Mr. C. G. Webb, to see waht inducements are offered for him to locate with us.

Mr. A. Gordon, of Towanda, Pennsylvania, also reached this city last Saturday - with the same projects in view that Mr. Q. has.  Business is no stranger to him.

These men have the qualifications that are necessary to help us build up our city, and ere long (if we get enough such men) to make us rank with the cities of the first class.  These are the kind of men we want to locate with us.  Let us see if we cannot induce such men to make their stay permanent.



Typed by Cindy Koegel, courtesy of Stafford County Museum.

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