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The Flood of 1937

Pictorial View


During the month of January 1937 the average rainfall in Kentucky was 15.77 inches. The heaviest rains fell at Taylorsville on January 24 and measured 7.36 inches in one
day. Locations in the western and central areas of the state had totals of more than twenty inches on more.  All streams throughout Kentucky were reported flooded.  At
Louisville the Ohio River reached its crest of 57.1 feet on January 28.  This surpassed the record set in 1884 by more than ten feet. The Ohio River rose to 75.3 feet at
Maysville and more than half of Frankfort was flooded when the river here reached its crest of 47.2 feet.  As the water levels, which were slow to recede, dropped the
devastation was apparent.  Damage across the state was estimated at $250  million.

The following photographs are from the collection of the Henry Goins
family.  In 1937, they were residents of 218 Holmes Street.

The Kentucky State Reformatory

Bridge over Benson

St. Clair & Wapping Streets

Broadway front of old capitol

Intersection Main & High Streets

Holmes & Wright Streets

The following photographs are from Photographic Scenes, Ohio Valley's Greatest Flood,
Louisville and Frankfort, Kentucky - Jeffersonville and New Albany, Indiana Districts
January 1937
135 scenes - 25 cents

The Johnson and Hardin Company
528 Walnut Street
Cincinnati, Ohio

Top left-Corner of Mero & St. Clair Streets
Bottom left - Wilkinson Street, looking north
Top right-Mero Street in deep water
Bottom-right-Looking north on Wilkerson from Mero

Top left-Corner Second and Bridge Streets looking west
Bottom left-Corner Second and Bridge
Top right-West on Second Street from Shelby
Bottom right-Boradway, opposite Depot

Top-Bridge Street, looking North
Bottom-State Reformatory from Mero Street

Top-St.Clair Street near Bridge
Bottom-St. Clair Street


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