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Alexander Julian

The Julian family of Franklin County descends from Charles Julian and his wife, Phoebe Wilson.  They were married in Spottsylvania County, Virginia.  Their son,
Dr. John Julian, was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1738.  He was educated by a private tutor and at the age of 17 enrolled in the Medical College of the
University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  For a few years he operated a practice in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  He briefly returned to Edinburgh, where he married Margaret
Isabella Loundes. He volunteered for service in the Revolution on June 4, 1776 and was commissioned a Surgeon of the Virginia troops. Dr. John Julian died in 1788
at the age of 50.

Charles Julian, son of John, was a native of Fredericksburg, Virginia. He migrated with his wife, JANE MOORE and their seven children to Kentucky.  In September
1813, Robert and Jane Armstrong conveyed to Julian 314 acres.  Though not descended from land grant or pioneer stock, the Julian family is the oldest continuous
residence in the Bridgeport neighborhood.

Alexander Julian was the third son of Charles Julian and Jane Moore.  He succeeded his father as owner of the farmstead near Bridgeport. The farm since then and
even today has always been occupied by a member or the Julian family. Alexander married Bettie C. Laughlin of Clark County, Kentucky and had seven children;
Charles Herndon, Lucy W. , Jane Moore, William Alexander, Henry St. George, Tarlton G., and Clarence Julian.

When the Civil War broke out, Alexander was too old for service.  However, he did his part for the Southern Cause. At various times, he supplied the commissary of
the Confederate Army with food and clothing. Alexander had accepted Confederate notes, which later had no value in Kentucky.  When Julian died on May 23, 1892,
he was in possession of several hundred dollars of Confederate currency.

On November 13, 1886, Charles H. Julian, oldest son of Alexander, purchased at public auction a 235 acrea farm known as the "old Terry Place. With an additional
purchase and inheritance from his father, Charles increased his land holdings in the area on South Benson to 450 acres.  In 1896 Alulah Speight of Edenton, North
Carolina became the bride of Charles Herndon Julian and made their home on the Bridgeport farm. CHARLES JULIAN was an innocent bystander, at the Old Capitol
Hotel on January 16, 1900, when he was accidentally shot and killed during the Scott-Colston tragedy. Alulah Julian died at her home near Florence, South Carolina
on January 6, 1926.

The farm had been acquired by, William Alexander and Clarence Julian, sons of Charles and Jane Moore Julian.  At the death of William Julian on May 30, 1949, the
farm was inherited by Charles Alexander Julian, who had already acquired the land of his father, Charles Herndon Julian. On July 20, 1941, Charles A. married Jennie
Dickinson, a Barren County, Kentucky girl. They have two children, William Alexander Julian and Jane Dickinson Julian.  Today, the farm is in the possession of Mrs.
Jennie Dickinson Julian and her daughter, Jane.

Old Bridgeport, by Jillson

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