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Another Joseph Peyton

 One Joseph Peyton, born 1787, married Elizabeth McMichael and one Joseph Peyton, born 1807, married Catherine Steele.
Now, another Joseph Peyton, married Catherine Gordon, on July 22, 1858, in Franklin County.

Phyllis Shackelford Hedges is looking for the parentage of her great great grandfather Joseph Peyton. Evidently, his father
was deceased by 1850. Mother, Sarah (maiden name unknown) is listed on the 1850 Franklin County, Kentucky census with
children; Mary, b: 1828; Joseph, b: 1828; William, b: 1829; Sally, b: 1833 and Ransford, b: 1834.

Joseph Peyton was born about 1828 in Shelby or Franklin County, Kentucky.  He married Catherine Gordon, the daughter
of Lawrence Washington and Catherine ? Gordon.  Joseph died about 1882 in Franklin County and Catherine sometime
after 1900.

Children of Joseph and Catherine Gordon Peyton

Belle Bertha Peyton, was born October 9, 1861 in Franklin County.  She married Oscar Daniel Duncan, son
of William Withers, Jr. and Elizabeth King Duncan, on December 20, 1881 in Franklin County. Bertha died on
July 3, 1924 in Shelby County, Kentucky and is buried in the Grove Hill Cemetery.  The couple had children;
Joseph William, Estella,  Ida Mae, Ora Lee, Thompson Bailey, Frank and Paulina Duncan.
Joseph Peyton, was born about 1862 in Franklin County.
Granger N. Peyton, was born about 1863 in Franklin County and died between 1880-1900.
Lawrence Washington Peyton, was born about 1866 in Franklin County and died February 20, 1949 in Henry
County, Kentucky.  He married  Marie Leonard Hardin on December 23, 1887.  They had children; Charles,
Belle,  Lora, Lawrence, John, James, Luther and Lewis.
Robert Peyton, was born March 17, 1867 in Franklin County and died June 26, 1912 in Henry County and
buried in Point Pleasant, Pleasureville, Kentucky.  He married Florence E. ?  They had children; Mianetta,
Robert, Elva and Carroll.
Benjamin Peyton, Sr., was born February 2, 1872 in Franklin County, and died October 11, 1948 in
Pleasureville, Henry County, Kentucky and buried in Point Pleasant.  He married Elizabeth Purvis and had
children; Hester, Robert, Lee, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Ernest, Bessie, Charles Earl and Luke.
William Peyton, was born September 26, 1874 in Franklin County and died October 26, 1874 in Franklin Co.
Female Peyton, was born October 10, 1875 in Franklin County.
Jefferson Peyton, was born about 1876 in Franklin County and died December 1878 in Franklin County.
Sandy Peyton, was born September 30, 1883 in Franklin County and died June 8, 1912 in Henry County.

Payton/Peyton Records

Franklin County, Kentucky
1850 Franklin County, Kentucky Census
Sally Peyton, 60, b: Kentucky (abt 1790 - Mother)
Mary Peyton, 25, b: Kentucky
Joseph Peyton, 23, farmer, b: Kentucky (abt 1827)
William Peyton, 21, farmer, b: Kentucky
Sally Peyton, 17, b: Kentucky
Ransford Peyton, 16, laborer, b: Kentucky

1860 Franklin County, Kentucky Census, Dist. 2
Joseph Peyton, 30, farmer, b: Kentucky (abt 1830)
Catherine Peyton, 18, b: Kentucky (abt 1842)
(Living next to Catherine Gordon - Catherine Gordon Peyton's mother, also
named Catherine, with kids).

1870 Franklin County, Kentucky Census, Bald Knob
Joseph Peyton, 45, farmer, b: Kentucky (abt 1825)
Catherine Peyton, 27, keeping house, b: Kentucky (abt 1843)
Bertha Peyton, 9, at home, b: Kentucky
Joseph Peyton, 7, b: Kentucky
Lawrence Peyton, 4, b: Kentucky
Robert Peyton, 1, b: Kentucky

1880 Franklin County, Kentucky Census, Bald Knob
Joseph Peyton, 48, farmer, b: Kentucky (abt 1832)
Catherine Peyton, 36, keeping house, b: Kentucky (abt 1844)
Bertha Peyton, 18, dau., b: Kentucky
Grange N. Peyton, 17, son, farmer, b: Kentucky
Lawrence Peyton, 14, son, farm hand, b: Kentucky
Robert Peyton, 10, son, b: Kentucky
Benjamin Peyton, 8, son, b: Kentucky

Vital Statistics - Franklin County

August 26, 1874, William Peyton, male, alive, born Franklin County -father, Joseph Peyton -
mother, Catherine Gordon, white - father born Shelby County - mother born, Franklin County -
residence of parents, Franklin County.

October 10, 1875, Female Payton, alive, born Franklin County - father, Joseph Peyton - mother,
Catherine Gordon, white - father, born Franklin County - mother, born Franklin County - residence
of parents, Franklin County.


December 1878, Jefferson Peyton, 3 year, male, single - resident of Franklin County - born Franklin
County - died Franklin County - cause of death - croup -parents, Joseph and Catherine Peyton,
both born Shelby County, Kentucky.

Information submitted by:  Phyllis Shackelford Hedges


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