Ruthefod Haze Brawner
Born: September 4, 1877
Died: December 4, 1878

Franklin County, Kentucky vital statistic death states the following:
December 10, 1878 - BRAWNER, Rufus Hayes, 1 year, male, single, resident of Franklin County, KY
born Franklin County, died Franklin County, cause of death  not given, parents, Peter and Matilda Brawner
both born Franklin County.

Matilda E. Semones Brawner was the daughter of Basil and Deborah Fowler Semones and sister of Jane
Semones also buried in the Gowens Graveyard.

The Gowens Graveyard is listed in Church and Family Graveyards of Franklin County, 1976, KHS.
Stone was not located at this time.

Walter Chisholm made a physical survey of the Gowens Graveyard in early March (2011) and submitted
the above photo.