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Edwin Porch Morrow

Kentucky's Fortieth Governor

Serving from December 9, 1919 - December 11, 1923

Edwin Porch Morrow was born in Somerset on November 28, 1877 to Thomas Zanzinger and Catherine
Virginia Bradley.  His father was founder of the Republican party in Kentucky.  His mother was the
sister of former governor William O. Bradley.  Edwin was educated at St. Mary's College near Lebanon,
Cumberland College and the University of Cincinnati.  In 1902, after serving in the Spanish-American War
he open a law practice in Lexington. Morrow married Katherine Hale Waddle on June 18, 1903 and the
moved to Somerset, where he was appointed city attorney.   In 1910 President William Howard Taft
appointed Morrow United States District Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky and in the same
year President Woodrow Wilson removed him from that office.  He was barely defeated by his friend,
A. O. Stanley, in the 1915 governor's race.  In 1919, Governor James D. Black was completing the term
of A. O. Stanley when he went to the U. S. Senate. Morrow, Black and Socialist, George Becker were
on the ticket for governor and this time Edwin P. Morrow won.  He entered office as the 40th governor of
Kentucky on December 9, 1919.  From 1923-1923 Morrow served a member of the U. S. Railroad Labor
Board.  He stayed active in politics, but was defeated in 1934 for the nomination to Congress from the
Ninth District.  On June 15, 1935, while visiting his cousin in Frankfort, Edwin Porch Morrow died.  He
is buried in the Frankfort Cemetery.


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