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Evergreen Baptist Church

The history of the Evergreen Baptist Church goes back much farther than the official organization of the church.  In 1801, members of the Forks of Elkhorn Church started the
South Benson Baptist Church. The South Benson Church was divided during the leadership of Alexander Campbell.  Many of the members went to the Bridgeport Christian
Church and others formed the Buck Lick Church in Anderson County. After the split the South Benson Baptist Church declined in membership.  In 1889, the church reported
only 40 members and by 1912 it was dissolved. The old brick church was located at Evergreen and South Benson Roads and was converted into a tobacco barn some years ago

In January 1884, the New South Benson Church was organized at the home of John Jenkins in Bridgeport. The family of his wife, the former Rose Scofield, owned property in the
area.  They lived down a road off Cardwell Lane, which would later became known as Scofield Lane.  Rose Jenkins donated a lot on the corner of Cardwell Lane and what then was the
Old Harrodsburg Road for a church to be built.

On January 5, 1884, 23 members gathered at the home of John Jenkins in Bridgeport.  Officers were elected; a minister was called and the New South Benson Baptist Church
was constituted.  For several years the newly formed congregation met at the Franklin Presbyterian Church in Bridgeport. In 1885, the first church was built and in November of
that year, the New South Benson Church changed its' name to the Evergreen Baptist Church.  By the end of 1889 membership had grown to 74 members. The church was growing
an needed more room.  By 1920, several Sunday School rooms had been built at the back and side of the existing building.  In 1952 the completion of an addition to the church
was completed. This addition contained Sunday School rooms, kitchen and fellowship hall. The little church grew and in 1970 a new sanctuary was built.

On April 3, 1974, tornados struck Kentucky and the Farmdale community would not be spared. The church and all its' property was destroyed. The church was rebuilt and stands
today a far cry from those humble beginnings.

History of the Evergreen Baptist Church, 1884-1988, by Mary W. Strange



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