William Garrett Goins
Born: July 4, 1884
Died: January 4, 1919

Family states members attended the funeral of William Garrett Goins at Antioch.

Information from family has made reference to a family bible giving dates 4 January 1884 - 4 January 1919.
According to information located these dates appear questionable!

On William's World War I Registration Card he gave his birth as 4 August 1883. No death certificate has been
located for William. It is highly likely he died at home during the influenza epidemic without a physician present
and no certificate was filed.  William appears on the 1920 Franklin County, Kentucky census enumerated on
4 January 1920; one year after his supposed death. His widow, Hazel  "Hazie" Watson Goins marries second
Enoch Andrew Harrod on 19 December 1923.

The State Journal for 1920 has been read in its' entirity and no obituary or death notice has been located
for William Garrett Goins. Continued research is needed.