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Graveyards and Burying Grounds

KRS 381.697 Cemeteries maintained by legal owners.  Every cemetery in Kentucky
except private family cemeteries, shall be maintained by its' legal owner or owners,
without request to the individual owners of burial plots in the cemetery, in such
manner so as to keep the burial grounds or cemetery free of growth of weeds,
free from accumulated debris, displaced tombstones or other signs and indication
of vandalism or gross neglect.



Antioch Christian Church of Christ    
Ayers-Foster Graveyard
Bailey Graveyard
Baldwin-Wash Cemetery
Shelah Bailey Graveyard
Bellevue Cemetery
Bartlett-Featherston Graveyard
Church Graveyard
Crutcher Graveyard
Duvall Family Graveyard  
French Cemetery
Gowens Burying Ground  
Graham Cemetery
Hall Graveyard          
Hulett Cemetery      
Jenkins Graveyard
Lewis Graveyard     New!
Pattie Graveyard
Penn Graveyard
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery            
Polsgrove Cemetery  
Quarles Cemetery
Redmon or Bennett Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery      






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