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Harry Innes

Harry Innes born on January 15, 1752 in Caroline County, Virginia to Robert and Catherine Richards Innes. Educated at William and Mary College, Harry read law under
George Wythe and was admitted to the bar in 1773.  He married Elizabeth Calloway of Bedford County, Virginia and to this union four daughters were born. Elizabeth
died in 1791 and Harry married second a widow, Ann Shields, who bore him one daughter. In 1782 Harry was appointed assistant judge of the supreme court for the
Kentucky District and the next year he moved to Kentucky.  He became a trustee of Transylvania University and became a charter member of the Political Club of Danville
.  Harry, also a farmer, speculated in land.  In 1792 on 1,200 acres of land, about five miles northeast of Frankfort he established Innes Station.  He built a sturdy oak log
house, one and a half stories, on a stone foundation. In that same year the station was attacked by Indians in one of the bloodiest Indian massacres in Franklin County .
In later years improvements to the house were made. A store room, basement, additional wing and clapboard siding was added to the home.  This stood for many years in
Franklin County, however, abandoned and neglected, it burned in 1961.

Harry Innes lived at Innes Station until his death on September 20, 1816.  He is buried in the Frankfort Cemetery, Section N.


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