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Hulett Cemetery

This is the burial place of William Hulett, Sr., his wife Rachel Page Hulett and possibly
members of their large family. William and Rachel married in Clark County, Kentucky on
10 December 1807.  All of their ten known children were probably born there.

The family first appears on the 1830 census for Franklin County in the Southern District.
William Hulett is listed as a man 50-60 years of age and Rachel 40-50.

Records indicate William was born 1782/84 in Caroline County, Virginia and died in Franklin
County, Kentucky in 1834; however, there is some question he may have lived until 1843.  
Rachel Hulett is on the 1840 census for Franklin County listed as Mrs. Hulett. She does not
appear on the census for 1850 and is presumed dead.

No inscribed markers remain in this graveyard. Harold Rarden has documentation of
William Hulett's service in the of the War of 1812 .  On the 6th of April 2011, Harold
erected a stone to the memory of his ancestor William Hulett and wife Rachel Page.

Research performed by Allen Hulett in 1957 helped locate the Hulett cemetery. To reach
this graveyard follow Devils Hollow Road (1005) until it runs into Mt. Zion. Just north of
Mt. Zion Church a sign notes the Hulett Cemetery, located on property of Tim House.

Information submitted by:
Harold Rarden


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