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An amateur horticulturists, John B. Bibb, born on October 27, 1789 in Prince Edward County, Virginia was the youngest son born to Richard and Lucy Booker Bibb.  John came with his family to Kentucky, first settling in Fayette County about 1798.  The family moved to Bullitt County for a while and then on to Logan County. John received an early education and studied law under Judge H. F. Broadnax.  In 1813 he joined the 4th Kentucky Volunteer Brigade during the War of 1812.  After the Battle of Thames, he was promoted from private to major. John returned to Russellville and in 1814 was admitted to the bar.  He was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1827 and 1828.  And,  from 1830 to 1834, he served Kentucky as a Senator from Logan County.

On August 24, 1831, Bibb married Sarah P. Hopkins Horsley. Around 1856, John Bibb moved to Frankfort and built Gray Gables, known today as the Bibb-Burnley House.   He had a large garden and greenhouse in the back of the house where he developed a new variety of lettuce. The name first given to this new lettuce, compact in size, was limestone.  Later the lettuce would be called Bibb lettuce after its' creator.

Sarah P. Bibb died on April 7, 1869 and John on April 13, 1884.  Both are buried in the Frankfort Cemetery, section N.


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