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Joseph Major, Sr.

John Major, Sr.  born about 1740 in Virginia.  He served, from New Kent County, Virginia, in the Revolutionary War as a member of the 2nd Regiment, Virginia Troops at Valley Forge. His grandparents, Richard and Jane Eyremongre Major came from England to New Kent County, Virginia.  Their son George, was the father of several children, including John and Samuel Major.

John came from Virginia with his family and in late 1783, bought a large tract of land from Rev. Lewis Craig on South Elkhorn and Dry Run. There he built a block house, which soon grew and became known as Major's Station. John's first home was of stone, and is located back of Glen Airy farm. His second home was located at Weehawken. John Major married Elizabeth Redd and had nine children.

The community of Major Station quickly increased in population and soon there were enough settlers to support an organized church.  Major had persuaded William Hickman to moved to Dry Run and in January 1788, a group of the settlers met at the home of John Major and organized the Forks of Elkhorn Church.



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