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K Taylor Distillery


In early 1900 most of Franklin County's industry was concentrated within the city limits of Frankfort.  However, several distilleries
sprang up in the county.  One of which was the Frankfort Distillery located near the Forks on the bank of Elkhorn Creek, just about
4 miles from Frankfort.  By 1908, there were four distilling companies operating with offices in Frankfort. Outside the city
W. A. Gaines, operated Hermitage Distillery; Kentucky Distillers and Warehouse was under the operation of Spring Hill Distillery.
The Baker Brothers were producing their famed Swastika whiskey at the Frankfort Distillery. In 1912 the county's liquor warehouses held
nearly 600,000 barrels of Kentucky Bourbon.

After the repeal of prohibition in 1933 Frankfort's Distilleries saw many changes.  A New York company, National Distillers purchased
Old Taylor and Old Crow Distillery.  The K. Taylor Distillers Company re-opened at old Frankfort Distillery at the Forks of Elkhorn.  However,

in 1941, National Distillers purchased K. Taylor and operated under the name Old Grand Dad Distillery.


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