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Lewis Craig

Lewis Craig was in born about 1740 in Orange County, Virginia to Toliver Craig and Mary "Polly" Hawkins, daughter of John and Mary Hawkins. While he was pastor
of the Upper Spottsylvania Church, he was on several occasions imprisoned for his Baptist beliefs. Lewis Craig, led his congregation of Baptist along with his brothers,
John, Joseph and Elijah Craig from Virginia to Kentucky. Stopping along the way to deliver his message, Craig and his followers became know as the Traveling Church.
They settled for a while at Craig's Station, located along David's Fork east of Lexington. The station was established in 1779 primarily to give refuge to Baptist seeking
religious freedom.

Reverend Craig served as pastor of the South Elkhorn Church until 1792.  In late 1792 Lewis Craig migrated to the Mason, Bracken county area where he showed his
talents as an architect. In 1793 he built the church in Minerva and in 1794 at Washington, Kentucky, Craig built the first courthouse of Mason County.  Lewis married
Elizabeth Sanders and had children; Frances, Polly, Sally, Eliza, John, Whitfield, Lewis, Elizabeth and Catherine.  Reverend Lewis Craig died in 1825 and is buried
in a private plot near Minerva.

Elijah Craig was born about 1743 and younger brother of Lewis Craig. He was also a Baptist preacher and like his brother, was imprisoned in VIrginia for his Baptist beliefs.
Elijah purchased land in Scott County where he established the town of Lebanon, now Georgetown, and became the pastor of the church at Great Crossings.  Elijah
became interested in the manufacture of paper, rope from hemp and distilling whiskey from corn.  Today the distilling industry finds humor in acknowledging Kentucky
Bourbon was invented by a Baptist minister.

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