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Lewis Graveyard

Located on the Moore Farm at the end of Stoney Creek Road near the Kentucky River. This is the
family graveyard of John Lewis and his wife Martha "Patsy" Pruitt Moore.  John came to Franklin
County around 1800 from North Carolina and settled on the land where Stoney Creek runs into the river.

John Lewis             Born: 1783             Died: January 13, 1871
Martha Pruitt, wife of John       Born: August 8, 1789   Died: September 12, 1851
James M. Lewis Born: August 19, 1820     Died: March 3, 1874
John P. Lewis Born: November 27, 1813   Died: April 28, 1877
Silas E. Lewis, s/o F.E. & M.D. Lewis Born: July 23, 1883        Died: November 16, 1884
Daniel Smith Born: December 30, 1802  Died: December 2, 1889
Emarie Moore Smith, wife of Daniel   Born: July 24, 1811                 Died: September 18, 1873      
Jessie Semones, d/o J.W. & E. Semones Born: October 4, 1869                     Died: October 13, 1878                     
Pearlie O. Brawner, d/o J.R. & F.A. Brawner   Born: February 20, 1878    Died: October 27, 1879

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James B. Lewis, Jr.   


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