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Mark Duncan

Mark Duncan, son of Benjamin and
Susannah Hawkins Duncan, born
about March 1820 in Lawrenceburg,
then Franklin County, Kentucky.  He
married Maria Bright, the daughter
of George Bright, on March 1845 in
Anderson County, Kentucky.  They
sold their lands to brother, Matthew
Duncan and his wife, Virginia A.
Utterback, and moved to Yountville,
Napa County, and later to Sonoma
County, California.  

Mark Duncan died around 1862
enroute to McMinnville, Oregon.  
Maria remarried in Oregon to Sam
Staggs.  She died in Santa Rosa,
Sonoma County, California on
March 6, 1904 at the house of her
youngest son, Edward Duncan.


Children of Mark and Maria Bright Duncan

Noel Duncan, born about 1847 in Platt City, Missouri and died April 22, 1908
in Alameda, California

John Tyler Duncan, born February 20, 1849, Platt City, Missouri and died
December 30, 1868

George Benjamin Duncan,born June 8, 1854, Yountville, Napa County,
California and died October 1923.

William Duncan, born about 1857-1858.

Mathew Bright Duncan, born November 30, 1858.

Sarah Duncan, born about 1859, Yountville, Napa County, California.

Ezra B. Duncan, born May 20, 1861, Healdsberg, Sonoma County, California and
died February 19, 1909, Spokane, Spokane County, Washington.  He married Mary
Ellen "Ella" Pinkerton, on December 9, 1883.  Mary was born on January 16, 1866
in Independence, Polk County, Oregon and deid on September 22, 1955, College Park,

Edward Duncan, born about 1862 in Healdsbert, Sonoma County, California.

Susan Duncan, born about 1863 in Healdsbert, Sonoma County, California.

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