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North Fork Baptist Church and Cemetery

In April 1801, Thomas Bradley; Elijah, Charity and Andrew Rogers; Elijah and
Conny Anderson, members  of the Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church were dismissed to
join a new congregation up the creek on the north fork of Elkhorn. William Hickman
and George Eve had established a church consisting of nineteen members on the north
Elkhorn at Switzer, which became known as Meeting House Spring.  The church was first

called Brushy Fork, but soon changed to North Fork. Early ministers at North Fork Baptist
were: William Hickman, George Eve, Jesse Vawter, John H. Ficklin and Mordecai Boulware.

The Frankfort Roundabout, November 24, 1883 - Switzter News reports:
Rev. William Arrowsmith has been called to preach at Nortk Fork Church the coming year.
Read more about Rev. Arrowsmith

On May 2, 1870 trustees of the North Fork Baptist Church bought six acres from the
Talbott estate.  That same year the North Fork Baptist Church was built on its present site.

The North Fork Baptist Church Cemetery, most often referred to as the Switzer Cemetery, is
located beside the church.  The oldest inscribed tombstone still legible is that of Mollie D.
Hockensmith born November 25, 1844 and died October 31, 1872.

Early burial records for this cemetery are non-existent. To date over 1,100 burials have been
confirmed through tombstone inscriptions, death certificates, newspaper obituaries and family
records. Anyone having knowledge of persons buried at North Fork your information is needed
for an ongoing project to confirm burials in this cemetery. If you would like to contribute
contact Anne H. Lee.


       Early church photo - date unknown      
     Possible early 1900's 


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