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Franklin County named for Benjamin Franklin, is bordered by Anderson, Henry, Owen, Scott, Shelby and Woodford counties and was formed from  portions
of Mercer, Shelby and Woodford on December 7, 1794. The city of Frankfort, established in 1786, became the capital of the state Kentucky. Located in the
central Bluegrass, Franklin Counties rolling hills and rich bottom lands are perfect  for raising tobacco, corn, hay and vegetables.  The Kentucky River and its
tributaries of the north and south Elkhorn, Big and Little Benson and Flat Creeks are the principle streams.  The area was a favorite hunting ground for the Indians,
who followed the Buffalo Trace to the Kentucky River at Leestown.  Many Native American artifacts and skeletal remains have been uncovered in the Jett area.
Some of the first explorers to area was Christopher Gist, an employee of the Ohio Land Company of Virginia.  By the mid 1770's settlers, such as Hancock Lee,
who established the first settlement at Leestown, below the present site of Frankfort.  As the years followed stations were established along the Kentucky river
and its tributaries.  Haydon's station was founded in 1783 near the Kentucky River and was followed in 1784 by Arnold's Station.  Stations established along the
Elkhorn Creek were; John Major's Station in 1783, Dry Run about 1784, Gore's Station about 1785, Cook's Station and Harry Innes's Stations in 1792.

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