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Redmon or Bennett Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Hickory Ridge Road and may be outside Franklin County. Christine Atwood, located and transcribed the
information on April 27, 1984.  At that time the property was owned by Arthur M. & Deborah Atwood Salyers.

A low rock wall once surrounded the cemetery.  It has collapsed inward possibly covering readable stones.  There are number of
fieldstones; only two stones legible and one broken stone with top piece missing.

Redmon, Robert - b: May 6, 1838 - d: June 3, 1908 - o/s/w Kate  
Redmon, Kate, his wife - b: April 18, 1843 - died: March 6, 1915  
Bennett, John - d: October 17, 1824, Aged 52 years
Broken stone (top missing,only bottom legible ), 21 years
Footstone:  M. W. B.
Footstone: R.B

Catherine "Kate" Redmon, was the daughter of Philip Dodge and Frances Bennett Arnold.  She appears with
her family in District 2, of the 1850 Franklin County, Ky census, page 66. Philip Dodge Arnold married Frances
Bennett October 17, 1883 in Franklin County.

Catherine "Kate" Arnold Redmon died of pneumonia on March 6, 1915 at Avenstoke, Anderson County, Kentucky.
Her death certificate indicates she was buried March 7, 1915 in the Redmon Cemetery.  Her obituary was located
in the Frankfort Courier on March 8, 1915 and reads as follows:  " Mrs. Kate Redmon, aged 72, died Saturday,
at her home of pneumonia. She was the widow of R. W. Redmon.  The funeral took place at Graefenburg, Shelby
County and she was buried in the family graveyard, yesterday.


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