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Reynolds Family

Descendants of Nicholas and Alice Gregory Reynolds of Virginia

The Obituary of Thomas M. S. Reynolds states his ancestry came from Scotland and settled in Virginia and were supporters of the American Independence.  Thomas, the sixth son of
Washington Reynolds was born in Orange County, Virginia, February 2, 1818.  As a young man, he migrated to Kentucky and settled near Louisville, Kentucky.  He married Elizabeth H.
Seaton on July 29, 1841. Thomas left Kentucky in 1860 and settled in western Missouri  and later on to Nebraska. He died at his home near Lincoln on January 9, 1898. According to his
obituary, his grandfather Joseph Reynolds was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  Joseph Reynolds had two sons, the younger, Washington Reynolds was born 1775 and married
Catherine Dent Swann, of  Maryland in Orange County, Virginia on March 1, 1805. They were the parents of eight children, however the names of all the children are unknown. Old
family stories say their eldest son, William Washington Reynolds migrated to Shelby County, Kentucky and married Mary Elizabeth Cardin on January 2, 1838. She was only fourteen
years of age.   Mary was born on July 19, 1823 near Simpsonville, Kentucky . Her family operated the Inn on the old Louisville road in Shelby County. William and Mary had eight
children:  Catherine Jane, was born on October 12, 1838 and died March 2, 1914; John Thomas, born November 6, 1840;  Mary Adelaide, born May 30, 1843, died February 14, 1905;
Benjamin Franklin, born November 7, 1845, died March 7, 1918; Lucy A., born October 10, 1848, died February 14, 1905; William H., born July 7, 1851, died June 3, 1860; George W.,
born April 3, 1854, died March 12, 1929 and Ogden Hoffman, born June 10, 1857, died August 20, 1918, where he is buried in the Frankfort Cemetery.  On September 26, 1890, William
W. Reynolds purchased lots 468, Section P in the Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky. He was laid to rest on August 10, 1891 beside his wife, Mary Elizabeth. Other family
members buried at Cave Hill are: children of B. F. Reynolds, April 27, 1893; Miss Mary A. Reynolds, February 16, 1905;  Mrs. Kate J. Edwards, March 4, 1914; Benjamin Franklin
Reynolds, March 9, 1918; Christina Reynolds Peiper, March 24, 1919; George W. Reynolds, March 14, 1929; and Miss Jessie Hamilton Reynolds, September 1, 1930

Catherine Jane Reynolds Edwards, (lady in black dress)
daughter of William Washington Reynolds and Mary Elizabeth Cardin

Mary Elizabeth Cardin

Benjamin Franklin Reynolds, born: November 8, 1845
Nancy Ann Johnson, born:  1858
Their marriage has not been located

Ogden Hoffman Reynolds, born June 10, 1857 in Shelby County, Kentucky, son of William Washington Reynolds and Mary Elizabeth Cardin, became a prominent doctor in Frankfort.  
He died August 20,  1918 from a freak accident with a pin. Although no tombstone inscription exist, records of the Frankfort Cemetery show that O. H. Reynolds was buried there
on August 23, 1918 in a plot owned by his in-laws, the Harancourt family.  Lillian Harancourt Reynolds died on August 26, 1947 and was buried the next day beside her husband.
Peter Herancourt, one of the lineal descendants of the Huguenot Jean de Herancourt, who left Nantes, France on the 22nd of October 1865 and settled at Muhlhefen Reinphalz.
Peter was born on January 4, 1821, at Muhlhefen and later migrated to America in 1835.  He stopped in Columbus, Ohio and stayed for three years.  There he learned the brewing
trade.  Afterward he established breweries in St. Louis, Missouri, Muscahine, Iowa and Cincinnati, Ohio.  On April 23, 1854, in Cincinnati, Peter married Catharine Traub.  Born in Germany,
she was the daughter of Erhart and Eva Bye Traub.  In October of 1867, Peter Herancourt came to Frankfort, Kentucky and established the Frankfort Malt House, which he operated
until his death in March of 1884.  Catharine Traub Herancourt died on February 7, 1917 at the age of 78 and is buried beside her husband.  Peter and Catharine had three children;
Carrie, Oscar and Lillian.

Dr. Ogden Hoffman Reynolds

   Lillian Harancourt    

The watch of
Dr. Reynolds

Newspaper clipping announcing the death
of Dr. O. H. Reynolds

William S. Edwards was born November 4, 1804.  He came to Louisville from Southold, Long Island. William married on April 14, 1838 in Franklin County to Ellen Morris,
born about 1820 in Shelby County, Kentucky.

Ellen, William and William Edwards

Can anyone identify this couple?
The original glass photograph
is thought to be a member of the
Reynolds family. It is possible
that this couple may be the parents
of William Washington Reynolds ,
or possibly one of his siblings and
spouse. The Reynold's family
had serious eye problems as this
couple looks to have had."A descendants story".

Information on the Reynold's family submitted by: 
Albert Edwards


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