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Saffell Family

Among the pioneer families of Anderson County was the Saffell family.  Joshua settled in 1790 about three miles southwest of Lawrenceburg.  He married for his first wife, a
Miss Baker, who died in 1804, leaving four children; John Baker, SAMUEL and Elizabeth Saffell.  Joshua Saffell married second to a Miss Middleton, of Virginia and to this
marriage five children were born; JAMES, Jacob, William, Nancy and Joshua.  Mr. Saffell was a farmer, and owned 1,000 acres.JAMES and his son, James M. Saffell ran
the Cedar Run Distillery adjacent to their flour mill on Cedar Run Turnpike, south of Frankfort. SAMUEL Saffell was born in 1804 in Anderson County and married Miss Sarah
Bell Woods born 1804, daughter of Joseph Woods. He died May 26, 1875 and his wife, December 12, 1872.  They had nine children; Thomas, America, Ellen E., Willie,
Sarah Bell, Calpernia, William B., James T., and Patelina.

The W. B. Saffell Distillery was located on property on the west side of the Southern Railroad in Anderson County, Kentucky.  Near Alton, where the present day
U. S. 172 Bypass crosses over the Norfolk-Southern Railroad.  The road appears to have been built where the main part of the distillery once stood.
Members of the Saffell family are buried in the Frankfort Cemetery, Section L.

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