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Theodrick Noel

Theodrick James Noel, son of James and Elizabeth Taylor Noel, was born
about 1760 in Occupacia, Essex County, Virginia and died in Essex County,
on August 27, 1813. He married Sarah "Sally" Sullivan, born about 1763 in
Essex County, Virginia, daughter of James and Elizabeth Sullivan, sometime
prior to 1783 probably in Essex County.
Forks of Elkhorn Church, 1946, page 217, by Ermina Darnell indicates the
Noel's of Essex County, Virginia were closely connected with Noel Mercer
of Chester, England. Theodrick served in the Revolution as Chaplin  He was
associated with Lewis Craig, John Taylor and others in spreading the Baptist
doctrines in Virginia. Preaching in many places, chiefly in King and Queen
County and in Essex County, Virginia, he baptized 320 persons the year prior
to his death. There is no evidence that Sarah and Theodrick migrated to
Kentucky. However, several of their children did come to the Woodford -
Franklin County area.
Wingfield's History of Caroline County, Virginia, page 344
Theodrick Noel, was born in Caroline county about 1745 and was baptized in
August 1773. He shortly afterward began to preach and with such power that he
was soon formally set apart to the work of the ministry.  The Rev. Andrew
Broaddus, I, says that few men were more successful in the ministry than
Mr. Noel.  He baptized as many persons as any other preacher of his day.  
The first person baptized by Mr. Noel after his ordination was a young lady.  
Her brother had threatened to dip any minister who should attempt to immerse
her.  True to his threat he made the attempt on Mr. Noel but did not succeed.
Being pursued by some who resented his attemped treatment of the preacher,
the young man was forced to flee the community.  He died a few weeks afterward,
having first sent a message to Mr. Noel asking his pardon.  As minister in Salem,
Upper King and Queen and Upper Essex churches, Mr. Noel was eminently
successful.  Mr. Semple in his History of Baptist Churches in Virginia says that
it was "usual for him to baptize at every monthly meeting", and that for many
months there were seldom fewer that twenty baptized.  A great revival was
experienced in Upper Esses church in 1812 at the close of which he baptized
three hundred and twenty persons.  Mr. Noel died on August 27, 1813.

Children of Theodrick and Sarah Sullivan Noel

Silas Mercer Noel
Born August 13, 1783, Essex County, Virginia. He married Maria Waring on April 23, 1805.  Silas died on

May 5, 1839, in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky.

Mary Noel
Born about 1785, Essex County, Virginia.

Fanny Noel
Born about 1787, Essex County, Virginia.  She married Gus Macey on June 20, 1818.

James H. Noel
Born about 1789, Essex County, Virginia.  He married Nancy "Ann M." Garnett.  James died in Essex County
in 1823.

Theodrick Noel
Born about 1791, Essex County, Virginia.

Robert Semple Noel
Born July 7, 1796, Essex County, Virginia.  He married Maria Jones January 18/9, 1823.  Robert died on

December 21, 1853.

Emigrant Cornelius Noel from Holland to America, by Jennie Noel Weeks
Forks of Elkhorn Church, by Ermina Jett Darnell
Wingfield's History of Caroline County, Virginia



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