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Valentine Switzer

The name Switzer can be found in the old records as Schweitzer, Switzer, Swisher and Switcher.  

Valentine Switzer was born between 1765-1784 in Virginia, as indicated by federal census records. His father, Valentine Switzer, Sr. a native of Switzerland
arrived in America on October 13, 1749 on the ship Lydia. Valentine, Sr. married Mary Hotzenbella, daughter of Stephen and Barbara Hotzenbella of Frederick
County, Virginia.  Valentine and Mary were the parents of eight children.

In the late 1790's Valentine, Jr., along with brothers; John, Abraham and Nicholas, migrated to Franklin County, Kentucky. The 1801 Franklin County tax list
shows Valentine Switzer on north Elkhorn.  On February 17, 1801. Valentine Switzer married Miss Mildred Branham, daughter of Tavner and Elizabeth Burbridge
Branham of Virginia.  The marriage was performed by Reverend William Hickman.  Early census records indicate at least six children born to Valentine and Mildred.
 One daughter, Eleanor, born June 23, 1810, married Simon Golden Hudson in Franklin County on January 14, 1831 and raised a family of fourteen.

Valentine Switzer, Jr. appeared for the last time on Franklin County census in 1830 and no will has been located for him in Franklin County records.
Abraham Switzer obtained bond to marry Miss Elizabeth Grant in Franklin County on January 12, 1797. Sarah Grant, gave consent her daughter to marry.
 Witnesses were William Richards and Rowland Burbridge.  No marriage certificate has been located in Franklin County. This couple was living in Montgomery
                                                            in 1800 and 1810, however by the 1820 census they had migrated into Bath County, Kentucky. No further records has been located.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Forks of Elkhorn Church, by Ermina Jett Darnell
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