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William Tyler Barry South

son of Jeremiah Weldon and Mary Magdalene Cockrell South

1842 - 1932

From "The Confederate Veteran", vol XV. 1932

Capt. William Tyler Barry South, the last Confederate soldier in Franklin County, Ky., died on November 24 (Thanksgiving Day), at his home at the Forks-of-Elkhorn, near Frankfort, at the age of ninety years. Interment was in the State Cemetery at Frankfort. He was born in Breathitt County, Ky., November 10, 1842. In 1859, he became second lieutenant of the Governor's Guards, a militia company of Frankfort, Ky., which gave distinguished officers to both armies in the War between the States. At the outbreak of war, he became Captain of Company B, 5th Kentucky Infantry, C. S. A., and for a time served in guarding the Kings Salt Works, one of the principal sources of salt for the South. Just before the battle of Chickamauga, his regiment was rushed by train to Chattanooga, and with the "Orphan Brigade" took part in that battle. Thereafter, his regiment served in Georgia opposing Sherman. After the capture of Stoneman's Union Cavalry Brigade, the horses of that command were given to the 5th Kentucky Infantry, which then served as cavalry. Captain South's company was surrendered at Washington, Georgia on May 6, 1865.

Seven brothers in one regiment and three brothers-in-law in the Confederate service made a record equaled by few families of that time. The eider brother, Samuel South, was commissioned as colonel early in the war, but the retreat of General Bragg from Kentucky made it impossible to recruit his regiment, so he joined his brother's company of the 5th Kentucky. He was severely wounded at Chickamauga, and was voted a medal of honor for distinguished bravery on the field; the Rev. James Knox Polk South served as Ist lieutenant of Company D, 5th Kentucky, and Jeremiah Weldon South, Jr., was a second lieutenant of Company B, of the same regiment; he was killed in action, as was Andrew Jackson South, also a lieutenant of this regiment. The two youngest brothers, Martin and Thomas, served in the Company of their brother. Captain South's father was Col. Jeremiah Weldon South, Colonel of Kentucky Volunteers in the Mexican War, and a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives and Senate. The family record shows such patriotic fighting stock from pioneer times to the present day.

Captain South was married in March, 1866, and is survived by his wife, who was Miss Anne Mary Jones, and a son and a daughter.


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