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Charles Peyton, Sr.

Shelby County, Kentucky, Will BK 2, 301-302  Estate of Charles Paton.  Inventory dated May 5, 1809, Witnesses: Charles Peyton, Those. Mitchell,
John Gee, James Hackett, Dennis O'nan.  Proved in Shelby County, KY Court, August 1809. Sales Bill of the estate of Charles Payton, deceased
among those making purchases were: Dennis O'nan, Sr., James Hackett, Donceford (Ransford?)  Peyton, Those. Mitchell, Charles Peyton, William
Breceu(sp?), Dennis O'nan, Jr., Abraham Bohannon, Seth Cook, Charles Duvall; Powell Faut.

Letty Peyton left will in Franklin County, Will BK 2, page 36, written January 12, 1828 and proven November 1828. She named sons: Charles,
Benjamin and Ransford; daughters: Levina, Newthy (probably Ruthy) and Sarah Roach; grandson, James W/M. Steele.

Known Children

Charles Peyton, Jr. married Nancy Rice, information follows.
Benjamin Peyton, name in mother's will 1828.
Ransford Peyton, he was among those making purchases of the estate of Charles Peyton,
Shelby County, Kentucky 1809.
Levina Peyton, nothing known
Ruth Peyton, born about 1788, Virginia.  She married William Steele, June 2, 1810,
Woodford County, KY, consent by mother Letty Peyton.  William and Ruth Steele are listed
on the 1850 Franklin County, Kentucky census, Ruth 62, born Virginia. Grandson, James
Steele listed in the wife of Letty Peyton.
Sarah Peyton, named Sarah Roach, in the will of her mother, 1828. Sarah Peyton married
Hebitton Jones, June 1, 1808, Woodford County, KY, witness Charles Peyton.  May have been
the mother of Letitia Roach, born about 1809, buried at Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery,
Franklin County, Kentucky.

Charles Peyton and Nancy Rice

Charles Peyton, son of Charles, Sr., married Nancy Rice, July 15, 1800 in Henry County, Kentucky. Six living children are known as indicated
by deed located in Franklin County, KY. Deed BK 5, page 123, written March 20, 1850 and recorded October 15, 1853 names to Sabra Peyton of
Montgomery County, Indiana, daughter of deceased Charles Peyton, of one part and Joseph, David and Meriday Peyton of Franklin County, KY
and John Peyton and Charles L. Peyton of Montgomery County, Indiana land of their deceased father,  Charles Peyton, located on Flat Creek
in Franklin County.

Known Children

John Jackson Peyton, born February 2, 1805, in Shelby County, Kentucky.  He
married Mary Kiphart, daughter of George Kiphart on October 11, 1828, Henry County, Kentucky.
John died August 4, 1892, buried Freedom Baptist Church Cemetery, Montgomery County, Indiana.
Joseph Peyton, born 1807.  He married, first, Catherine Steele, daughter of William Steele on
April 26, 1830 in Franklin County, Kentucky  The family appears on the 1850 census of Franklin
County, age 43, and again on the 1860 census.  The couple had the following known children:
Elizabeth Peyton, born about 1830; Sarah Frances Peyton, born November 26, 1832 and died
in Anderson County, Kentucky on October 24, 1878; Mary Peyton, born 1834; Sabra Peyton, born

1835; Eliza Peyton, born 1837; Ruth Peyton, born 1840; Rebecca Peyton, born 1841; William F.
Peyton, born  1843; Fanny Peyton, born 1845; Emily Peyton, born 1847
Sabra Peyton, born 1810.  She was living with brother, John in Montgomery County,
Indiana in 1850, age 40.  A marriage in Montgomery County, Indiana on July 1, 1850
for a Sabra Peyton to Hiram Powell.
Meredith Peyton, born 1814. He is listed on the 1850 Franklin County census, age
36.  Married in Franklin County on December 24, 1836 to Mary Steele.
David Peyton, born 1811-1814 listed on the 1850 Franklin County census, age 49.  One David    
Peyton married Mrs. Susan M. Mann on May 16, 1836 in Franklin County    
Charles Lewis Peyton, born 1816. Charles is listed on the 1850 Franklin County census,
age 34. Marriage bond in Montgomery County, Indiana, dated June 13, 1838  Charles Peyton
to Catherine Reynolds, consent given by mother, Mary.  Charles Lewis Peyton died
March 19, 1889, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Montgomery County, Indiana.

Various Payton/Peyton Records

Franklin County, Kentucky
Marriage Bonds (1830-1841)
Charles Peyton to Matilda Kendall, April 15, 1834
Elizabeth Peyton to Lewis O'Nan, March 14, 1835
Letitia Payton to Edward H. Watson, September 7, 1835
Sarah Peyton to Elijah Faught, July 11, 1836
Harmless Peyton to Nancy O'Nan, September 11, 1838
Thomas Peyton to Frances B. Mann, May 26, 1839

1820 census
Benjamin Peyton, page 110
Charles Peyton, page 112
Letty Peyton, page 112

Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery (section across from church)
Catherine P. Payton, wife of Joseph Payton.  Born March 30, 1813, Died June 27, 1892
Letitia Roach, Aged 86 years, Died September 30, 1895

Henry County, Kentucky
1820 census
Ransford Payton, page 266

Shelby County, Kentucky
Tax list: Charles, 1804-1815; Craven, 1816; Benjamin, Sr., Benjamin, Jr. 1820; John, 1820; John
1822, Lockhart Peyton, 1820.

Deed BK E, page 59 - 1803, to Charles Peyton of Woodford County, KY from William and Rebecca
Marshall of Shelby County, KY, land on Flat Creek at mouth of Flag Fork, corner of William and
Thomas Marshall's land. Recorded October 3, 1803.
Deed BK H, page 333 - 1807, Charles Peyton of Shelby County, KY, deed from Charles Duvall of
Shelby County, waster of Flat Creek of Flag Fork bordering William Marshall's land.

1820 census
Benjamin Payton, page 171
John Payton, page 175
Lockhart Payton, page 129A

Woodford County, Kentucky
Tax list beginning in 1791. The names of Charles, Letitia, Benjamin, Ransford, John and Thomas
Peyton appear on this list at various years.

Indiana Research by: Jan Peyton Elder
Information submitted by:  Patricia Joan K. Allen



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