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Harrison Blanton

Harrison Blanton was born on August 13, 1791 in Frederick County, Virginia.  His parents, Richard Blanton and Sally Combs migrated to Fayette County, Kentucky from Frederick County, Virginia in 1799. Harrison married Elizabeth "Betsy" Dudley on November 17, 1813 in Fayette County, Kentucky. Betsy, born on January 16, 1791 in Fayette County, Kentucky, was the daughter of Ambrose and Sarah Parker Dudley.

Blanton purchased land on the main road at Leestown in Franklin County and in 1818 started construction on the first phase of his federal style home known as "The Beeches." He founded the Blanton Lumber Company and became a prominent Frankfort businessman. Blanton is locally known for his construction of the Morehead House, Orlando Brown House and the supplier of stone for the Kentucky Statehouse.

After the fall elections of 1870 the Ku Klux Klan was active in Franklin County.  On December 6, 1870, the home of Harrison Blanton was visited by the Klan, who was in search of Freeman Garrett. Unsuccessful in locating Garrett, they shot two other blacks, who lived on the Blanton property.

Harrison and Betsy raised a family of eleven children in Franklin County.  Betsey died on February 22, 1835 and was buried at the Beeches.  After Harrison's death on November 9, 1897, the Blanton Lumber Company continued and remained a family operated business in Frankfort for more than 150 years.  Harrison is buried in the Frankfort Cemetery, section L along with other members of his family.

Known Children

Ann D. Blanton,born September 3, 1814 in Franklin County, Kentucky and died on January 27, 1844,
in Franklin County, Kentucky.
Mary Graves Blanton, born September 14, 1816 in Franklin County, Kentucky and died April 5, 1844
in Woodford County, Kentucky.  She married Frank P. Holloway in Franklin County on November 6, 1832.
Sally Blanton, born June 18, 1818, in Franklin County, Kentucky.  No further information is known. 
Elizabeth Thomas Blanton, born January 28, 1820, in Franklin County, Kentucky.  She drowned
in Franklin County, Kentucky.  No further information is known.
Catherine T. "Kitty" Blanton, born on November 7, 1821 in Franklin County, Kentucky.  She
married Charles D. Morris on November 1842 in Franklin County.  Charles was born February 10, 1814
and died  November 14, 1862. Kitty died on June 8, 1899 in Franklin County, Kentucky and is buried by
her husband in section I, of the Frankfort Cemetery.
Alexander Mitchell Blanton, born May 13, 1823, in Franklin County, Kentucky and died on
March 17, 1861. He married Emaline Weisiger Swigert on December 28, 1848 in Franklin County.
Emaline born October 29, 1830, died on December 12, 1906 and is buried by Alexander in section I
of the Frankfort Cemetery. 
Sarah Elizabeth Blanton, born March 25, 1825 in Franklin County, Kentucky and died in
1858.  Sarah married Thomas Hart Taylor on July 1, 1844 in Franklin County.  Thomas was born
July 11, 1825 and died on April 12, 1901.  He is buried by his wife Sarah in section M of the
Frankfort Cemetery.
Martha Thomas Blanton, born May 10, 1827 in Franklin County, Kentucky and died
September 8, 1836.  Probably buried at the Beeches.
Benjamin Harrison Blanton, born December 16, 1829 and died June 29, 1884.  Benjamin  
married Alice Elizabeth Bacon on January 15, 1868 in Franklin County.  Ben and Alice are buried
in section I of the Frankfort Cemetery.
Lucy Virginia Blanton, born August 1, 1832.  She married John McFarland and moved
to Mississippi.
Thomas D. Blanton, born September 20, 1834 and died September 20, 1837.  Probably buried
at the Beeches.

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