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The County

In 1780 Franklin County was a part of all three of Kentucky's original
counties.  The part of Franklin County north or east of the Kentucky River
was in Fayette County.  Land south or west of the Kentucky River and
land south of Benson Creek was in the county of Lincoln.  The portion of
land west of the river and north of Benson was in Jefferson County.

By 1792, nine counties had been formed from the three original counties
of Fayette, Lincoln and Jefferson.  Finally in 1794 the county of Franklin
was formed from parts of Woodford, Mercer and Shelby.  An act by the
Kentucky Legislature on May 10, 1795 established Franklin County as
the eighteenth Kentucky county.

In 1799, a portion of Franklin County was removed to form Gallatin
County and in 1819 a portion was again taken to form Owen County.
In 1827, for the third and last time, a portion of Franklin County was
taken to form the county of Anderson.

Franklin County, located in the central Bluegrass region of Kentucky,
was named in honor of Benjamin Franklin.  The city of Frankfort,
named for "Frank's Ford", was founded in 1786.  It serves as county
seat and the State Capital of Kentucky

Counties Surrounding Franklin County, Kentucky

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Scott Co KYGenWeb Shelby Co KYGenWeb Woodford Co KYGenWeb 



 Our county of Franklin and the city of Frankfort, as Kentucky's capitol, is
rich with tradition and holds an abundance of history that all of us can
share and pass to future generations.  This page is dedicated to the history
of Franklin County and the events that shaped the lives of its' residents.  
I am sure that everyone, who lives in Franklin County or has roots here,
will have something to offer.   If you have material to add, please let me
hear from you!

County Volunteer -  Anne H. Lee



Also participant of the following projects:

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                                                                       Coordinator - Sherri Bradley                                                             




       Kentucky History & Genealogy
      Coordinator - Katy Hestand




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