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Pattie Graveyard

This graveyard is located off old U. S. 127 South (Lawrenceburg Road) on the property of Stewart Home School. It 
lies on the hill in the back of the property.  Today (2009) the cemetery is in deplorable condition; trees, vines and
bushes have taken over. Only two stones are visible and they are broken from their base and lying on the ground.
 The cemetery is adequate in size to contain twenty or more graves. The rock wall that surrounds the graveyard
has fallen in areas. At this time no farm animals are kept in the area.


Photos courtesy of Jack Kreamer, August 2009

John Pattie (s/o William) married Lucy Daniel on January 3, 1794 in Caroline County, Virginia. They
came to Kentucky with other Pattie family members and settled in the Bracken-Mason County
area.  By 1820 John Pattie moved his family to Franklin County and settled on land that would later
become the Kentucky Military Institute and Stewart Home School.

John and Lucy had children: Polly Pattie Hall, Mahala Pattie Payne, Daniel Pattie, Elizabeth Pattie
Monks, William S., Thornton, Henry, Samuel, Sarah Bell and Preston Pattie.

John Pattie's will naming his children is recorded in Franklin County, Will BK 2, page 54; written
September 14, 1829 and proved at November Court 1833. He died on July 17, 1833 and his wife
Lucy Daniel Pattie died on March 9, 1841. Some sources say they are buried in the family graveyard
on the farm; however, their stones can be found in the Lower Benson Burying Ground on the Julian
Farm on U.S. 60 West (Louisville Road).

The inscriptions read as follows:
John Pattie - April 23, 1769 - July 17, 1833
Lucy Pattie (wife of John Pattie, in the 64th year of her age) - March 9, 1841

Also buried at Lower Benson are Sarah Ann Sneed Pattie, first wife of Preston R. Pattie and William
Thornton Payne, son of William and Mahala Pattie Payne.  Mahala Pattie Payne died on July 17, 1856
and it is possible she is also buried here or perhaps at the farm.

William S. Pattie (s/o John & Lucy) married Mary Jane Smart on December 17, 1835.  She was the
daughter of Henry and Phenton Smart. They had children; Margaret E., Mary Louise, Lucy, Coleman D.,
John H. and Anna.

The 1870-1880 Atlas of Franklin County, published by D. J. Drake & Co., 1882 shows the William Pattie
residence close to the Kentucky Military Institute.  Lucy Phenton Pattie, was the only woman member
of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.  She guarded the records of KMI during the Civil War while all the boys went
off to war.  Lucy and sister, Mary Louise never married. Lucy, Mary, brother John H., and his wife are
buried at the Frankfort Cemetery.

The death of Mary Jane Smart Pattie on November 27, 1877 is recorded among the vital statistics of
Franklin County. She was buried in the Pattie graveyard and a stone was erected to her memory.
Today it lay broken on the ground and the inscription is barely legible.  In 1880, daughter, Margaret
Pattie Rodgers; her children and sister, Mary L. Pattie are living with their father William.  Living next
door is brother, John H. and his family. William S. Pattie died on December 30, 1883.  His stone is one
of only two in the old family cemetery.  Like Mary Jane's it is broker and almost illegible. A 1997
letter found in the Pattie surname file at the KHS Society makes reference to six marked graves; but
only names; Mary Jane Smart Pattie, William Pattie and William Pattie, Jr.  If Mary and William had a
son William he was born between census years and no record exist for his birth or death. William R.
Pattie, infant son of Preston R. and his second wife, Elizabeth died on May 11, 1859, perhaps this is
William Pattie, Jr.

William Pattie: February 19, 1810 - December 30, 1883
Photo taken August 2009

William Pattie
Photo taken earlier date unknown

Mary Jane Smart Pattie
Photo taken August 2009

Mary J. Smart Pattie: March 23, 1818 - November 27, 1877
Photo taken earlier date unknown

Photos courtesy of Jack Kreamer, August 2009


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