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Polsgrove Cemetery

The cemetery is located near Polsgrove on Highway 12 on the Ruth Duvall farm.  There are approximately
100 graves, most of them marked with only a fieldstone.

Elizabeth Fears
Died - April 22, 1856
(in the 22 year of her age)

Submitted by:  Ewing Fears Best

James Slattery
Died May 24, 1881
(aged about 60 year)

Submitted by:  Ewing Fears Best

Jacob Polsgrove
July 10, 1771 - January 13, 1862

Submitted by:  Ewing Fears Best

Nancy Polsgrove (wife of Jacob)
December 25, 1798 - December 11, 1862

Submitted by:  Ewing Fears Best

View of the Polsgrove Cemetery        

View of the river from the cemetery

Kentucky Death Certificates for Franklin County, Kentucky 1911-1951 have indicated persons buried at Polsgrove, Ky,
Polsgrove Landing, Polsgrove Cemetery and Polsgrove Graveyard. On or near Polsgrove on Hwy. 12 are four cemeteries.
Two are known as Harrod Family Cemeteries; one as the Hutchinson Graveyard and the Polsgrove Cemetery being the
largest of the four.  It is impossible to determine the exact location by the indication of burial given by the funeral director.
Did he generalize by stating Polsgrove as a general location or was he referring to the cemetery known as Polsgrove.  Take
this into consideration when researching burials in this area.

ARNOLD, Wm. B., son of Wm. and Nancy Gordon Arnold: April 1, 1851 - April 22, 1919 - B: Polsgrove, Ky
CARTER, Lizzie, dau. of John and Lizzie Harrod: October 26, 1880 - January 14, 1912 - B: Polsgrove Cemetery
CLARK, Richmond, son of James and Missouri Ballinger Clark:  March 2, 1900 - June 2, 1951 - B: Polsgrove Cemetery
DORTIN, M. B. , son of D. L. and Margaret Dortin: October 26, 1860 - November 15, 1916 - B: Polsgrove Landing
GREENWELL, Bennie, son of Mat and Bertie Peyton Greenwell: October 25, 1910 - April 12, 1912 - B: Polsgrove, Ky
GUTHRIE, George W. , son of George & Lucinda Polsgrove Guthrie: August 8, 1838 - June 11, 1922 - B: Polsgrove, Ky
GUTHRIE, Wallace, son of George & Lucinda Polsgrove Guthrie: June 26, 1862 - August 29, 1945 - B: Polsgrove
HARROD, Barnett, son of Elijah and Elizabeth Chandler Harrod: July 6, 1843 - March 9, 1913 - B: Polsgrove, Ky
HARROD, Louis Smith, son of Stephen and Minnie Hutchison Harrod: June 1, 1922 - November 11, 1922 -B: Polsgrove
McDONALD, Kitty, dau. of Sanford and Joicy Long McDonald: 69 years - March 2, 1914 - B: Polsgrove Graveyard
McDONALD, Mary Jane, dau. of Sanford and Joicy Long McDonald:  June 12, 1830 - June 20, 1913 - B: Polsgrove Graveyard
McDONALD, Thomas B. d: December 30, 1914, age 78 years - B: Polsgrove 
POLSGROVE, Lorena, dau. of Reuben and Maria Wilborn Waits: February 26, 1871 - April 5, 1914 - B: Polsgrove Landing
SMITH, Elizabeth, dau. of William Chandler: January 6, 1848 - June 7, 1911 - B: Polsgrove Cemetery
WEBB, Charles, h/o Nellie B. Webb: 74 years - April 18, 1947 (obit buried Polsgrove Cemetery)




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