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Early Settlers

Joseph Gore
He built a log cabin and station between
Elkhorn Creek and Kentucky in the mid
About five miles northeast of Frankfort
at Quinn's Bottom, Harry built a double
log cabin on a stone foundation.  

During the 1820's Amos owned a paper
mill northwest of the Forks of Elkhorn.

He purchased the mill from Amos
Kendall and brought the old mill back
into production.

Church & Graveyard
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
The Mt. Gomer Baptist Church was
organized on July 24, 1790.  The first
meeting was held in the house of
Bledsoe Haydon on September 25,
1790.  The first meeting house was
built on a bluff overlooking the
Elkhorn Creek.  Land was purchased
from Samuel Montgomery in 1794.  In
1801 the name was changed to Mt.
Pleasant Baptist Church.  Services
at Mt. Pleasant were discontinued
about 1925.

Located on Steadmantown Lane.  To
reach the cemetery go to the end of
Colston Lane and then up the creek.     



The little village north of Forks of Elkhorn and east of Frankfort grew as a
result of a paper mill operated by the Stedman brothers.  It was first called
Stedmansville for the Stedman brothers; however, it later acquired the name
of Steadmantown.  

When the Stedman brothers first acquired the mill it was in deplorable
condition.  The old mill had burned several times.  Houses, stables, and
fences were built.  The dam was rebuilt and production at the mill began
about 1835.  The brothers ran the paper mill for over thirty years supplying
the state with paper for printing.  During the Civil War they even filled an
order to supply paper to the Confederacy to print notes.  Ebenezer left
Kentucky in the mid 1870's and with the mill no longer in operation, the
little community went by the wayside. The Stedman property was put
up for sale on August 7, 1877.

Forty years or so ago, remains of the old dam, warehouses and chimneys
could be seen on the Martin farm.  The old Stedman graveyard was also
known to be on this property.  Dr. Jillson was known to have studied the
Steadmantown area years ago. Today the area that was once
Steadmantown it just a bend in the road.

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