Woods Block House Marker

Update - Marker Found!!

On 7 June 2001, my uncle took me to the spot where he thought this marker stood.  The field that it was located in had been cleared, the trees pushed to the edge of Hazel Patch Creek, and a crop was standing where this monument once stood.  We couldn't find the marker and assumed it was gone.  But this past November while attending my aunt's burial service at the Murray Cemetery, we could see the marker sitting on the opposite hill from the cemetery.  Apparently, the chest high crop hid the marker, which was further up the hill than my uncle remembered, from our view.

Woods Block House
The Hazel Patch
1769 Skaggs Trace 1795
1775 Boone Trace 1795
Bishop Frances Asbury
Lodged Here
April 10 1793


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