Estill County Deeds - Combs
(Transcribed and donated by Vivian Moon)


Many of the deeds listed below are located in what is now Lee County as of 1870. 
However even after 1870 many of the deed that were located on the county line were still recorded in Estill County and were sometimes also recorded in Lee County. And to make matters worse for the researcher sometimes part of the land is located in Lee County and another part in Estill County. If you are researching any property located near the Estill Lee county line be sure to check records in both counties including tax records. I still own my great grandfathers land and I pay taxes in both counties.

At the turn of the century coal, gas and oil was found in both Estill and Lee counties. These leases had to signed by both husband and wife. At the death of the parents an Affidavit of Descents had to be filed at the courthouse by all children and their spouses.

1808 1850

Ephraim Combs to Joel White   Mort.  E-324

Ephraim Combs to A. Daniels  Mort. E-325

Holder Combs to Major King  Deed  B-224

Holder Combs & c to John Oldham  Deed  A-351

Holder Combs to John Abney  Deed  B-53

Holder Combs to Josiah Jackson  B-214

Holder Combs & c to Jessie King  B-228

Combs & others to Stephen Trigg  C-102

Samuel R. Combs from Richard Holder  D-4

Samuel R. Combs to Richard Holder  D-67

Combs & Evans from Thomas Durham?  F-260

Combs & Evans from B. W. Dudley  F-356

Combs & Holder from Sheriff White  A-144

Combs & Holder from Joseph Jones  B-19

Combs & Holder from Henry Barnett  B-352

Combs & Holder to Samuel Pucket  B-354

Combs & Holder to Jesse Robertson  B-362

Combs & Holder to James Townsend  B-365

Combs McKinny from Comm. McClane  E-383

1850 1888

Clayborn Combs from Gro. Smyth & c  Q-209

Cuthbert Combs from Lawell & Co.  K-537

G. W. Combs from Sheriff Neal  Q-366

Georgia Combs to James Holeman  Q-192

Georgia Combs from Wiley Christopher  P-54

Lydia Combs to Chelton Hall  Q-331

Robert Combs to James Holeman  Q-192

W. Combs from Jas. Armine  Mort  K-128

W. B. Combs from J. H. Snowden  Mort.  K-223

Combs & Combs from James Kidwell Heirs  Q-532

Combs & Combs from Miranda Rogers  Q-533

1888 1912

4-10-1906 Amerine Combs to Josiah Winburn  27-479

3-26-1915 Amerine Combs to P. H. Gallager  33-178

12-30-1910 Brock & other Combs to G. W. Combs  30-128

4-11-1903 C. B. Combs to M. C. Alford  Lease  Y-423

2-15-1905 Clayborn Combs to Cumberland Pipe Line  Lease  27-103

1-23-1892 E. W. Combs to Log Brand  T-498

3-26-1913 Eliza Combs to J. T. Acker  Oil Lease  31-327

12-30-1910 G. W. Combs from Sidney & Sabrine Cole & others  30-128

12-30-1910 G. W. Combs from Brock & Mary Combs & others  30-128

12-30-1910 G. W. Combs  from  Lewis & Louisa Stamper  30-128

12-30-1910 G. W. Combs from J. L. & S. W. Williams  30-128

4-26-1911 G. W. Combs to J. C. White  30-269

3-26-1913 G. W. Combs to J. T. Ackers  Oil Lease  31-327

4-26-1911 Lizzie Combs, wife to J. C. White  30-269

12-30-1910 Mary Combs & others to G. W. Combs  30-128

1912 1918

3-30-1918 Andrew Combs to Richard Flynn  42-542

9-9-1918 C. B. Combs to Luther Harris  44-373

1-29-1916 Eliza Combs to J. T Acker  Lease  35-74

3-30-1918 Elvira Combs to Richard Flynn  42-542

1-29-1916 George Combs to J. T. Acker  Lease  35-74

??????  John M. Combs from Elby Rankin & C  43-388

9-9-1918 Nannie Combs to Luther Harris  44-373

10-29-1913 Wm. Combs from C. W. Hundly & wife  32-30

1918 1927

4-14-1924 Andrew Combs from Dave Flinchum  56-252

5-03-41  Andrew Combs from  Troy Gross  Lease  77-52


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